Over the years, teacher Rod Stewart has actually treated united state to struggle after hit. But aside indigenous his music, he’s also had a quite busy personal life and has an superior eight children!

Born top top January 10, 1945 in London, England, the much-loved crooner started his music career ago in the 1960s, as soon as he carry out in number of British bands. Yet things yes, really took off v his an initial solo song, ‘Maggie May’ in 1971, which became an instant hit.

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The Rodfather then went on to dad Ruby Stewart after a partnership with Texas design Kelly Emberg, prior to having Renee Stewart and also Liam Stewart v Rachel Hunter.

Finally, Rod appeared to clear up down once he met coin Lancaster. The couple are tho going strong and have actually two sons, Alistair Stewart and also Aiden Stewart.

Speaking about Rod gift a father, Penny claimed in one interview, ‘He has actually learned to audioeditorfree.compromise. He has audioeditorfree.come to be a lot of softer and also his elder children will also admit he is a far better parent who gives them much more time.’

Here’s an ext about Rod’s clan that children….

Sarah Streeter

Born in 1963, sarah is Rod’s eldest child. Rod was dating art student Susannah Boffey in ~ the time and he was only 17. Buy it was placed up for adoption and only discovered Rod was she dad as soon as she to be 18.

They were rejoined in the at an early stage Eighties but lost touch until roughly seven year ago.

Nowadays, sarah is married and living in east Sussex. She admitted that because her adoptive parental died, things have actually improved between her and Rod, saying, ‘The an ext I reflect on why Rod at first didn’t get an extremely involved, the much more I think it had actually a many to execute with mine adoptive parents. I think he was wary that encroaching on your territory.’


Kimberley Stewart

Kimberley was the very first child to audioeditorfree.come from Rod’s marital relationship to the model and actress, Alana Hamilton. Born 21 August, 1979, her parents remained together until she to be five and Kimberley prospered up without seeing much of her father.

As a teen, she came to be an LA socialite, hanging out with Paris Hilton and also launching a apparel label.

In 2011, she fell pregnant once dating Benicio del Toro, offering birth to their daughter Delilah Geonoveba Stewart on April 11, 2011. The pair now co-parent and also Kimberley, now 39, has actually recently been linked to film producer Jesse Shapira.

Speaking fondly of his daughter, stick said, ‘Kimberley was wonderful,’ when he struggled through his split from 2nd wife Rachel Hunter in 2006.

Sean Stewart

Born a year after Kimberley ~ above 1 September 1980, Sean was four-years-old once his parents split.

Known together the rebel child, Sean was drinking and also going audioeditorfree.come nightclubs, prior to dropping out of school at 16. Proceeding his party ways, he to be 22 when he was sent to 90 days in jail for drunkenly assaulting a stranger in the street.

When he turned 30, the cleaned up his act and also launched a garments line dubbed Dirty Weekend. Now 38, Rod and also Sean will regularly hang out, bonding over football and shopping.

Ruby Stewart

Ruby Stewart was born on 17 June 1987, once Rod was dating Texan design Kelly Emberg.

When Rod and also Kelly split, Ruby was relocated to Manhattan Beach, California, v her mum. She continued to be fiercely loyal to she mother and also didn’t yes, really get affiliated with the Stewart household until her teens.

Ruby started off her career together a lingerie model, prior to following in her father’s footsteps and also moving over to the music business with her band The Sisterhood.

Now lot closer with her dad, the 31-year-old spoke about Rod’s assistance of The Sisterhood, ‘Dad came to our an initial show and was crying because he was so proud. That rare that my dad cries, so once he does, that like mountains move.’


Renee Stewart

The older of two youngsters by Rachel Hunter, Renee Stewart was born ~ above 1 June 1992. Rachel and Rod were with each other from 1990 audioeditorfree.come 2006, separating when Renee was seven.

After being increased by Rachel in California, Renee went on to perform a BA at the London modern-day Dance School. The currently 27-year-old has additionally had various modeling tasks for brand such as Pantene shampoo and lingerie audioeditorfree.company Bendon.

Liam Stewart

Liam Stewart was born top top 5 September 1994, making him the sixth child and second son, to Rod.

Dismissing the glitzy showbiz lifestyle, Liam is a professional ice hockey player and also won gold with the good Britain team in ~ the 2017 international Ice Hockey people Championship division 1B.

Now 24, he recently signed for new Zealand’s Queenstown’s Skycity Stampede. Something us imagine his Kiwi mum, Rachel, would be particularly proud of!

Alastair Stewart

Alistair Stewart came along top top 27 November 2005. Rod had been date Alistair’s mum, penny Lancaster because 1999 and also the pair obtained married on 16 June, 2007.

The 13-year-old splits his time between Harlow, Essex and also Los Angeles.

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Aiden Stewart

It took three rounds that IVF until tiny Aiden arrived in the world, beaudioeditorfree.coming Rod’s eighth child. He arrived on 16 February, 2011, just before Penny’s 40th birthday.

Rod has explained the eight-year-old together ‘the wild one, a right small performer.’