Ree Drummond may be the star of The Pioneer Woman, however she loves nothing an ext than being the mommy of she children. End the critical decade, she’s invited fans into her house on she Food Network show, offering viewers a glimpse inside her and husband Ladd Drummond‘s beautiful life with kids Alex, Paige, Bryce and also Todd.

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The food writer and her love bound the node in 1996 and quickly became mom and also dad once their eldest child, Alex, arrived the complying with year in 1997. Ree then offered birth come her second kiddo, Paige, in 1999. 3 years later, the longtime lovebirds welcomed child Bryce in 2002, complied with by your youngest son, Todd, in 2004.


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Since Ree and also Ladd started raising their kids, the well known family has lived and worked top top a remote cattle ranch in Oklahoma, which fans have seen plenty of thanks to her successful program. The blogger additionally looks after her own hotel, The Pioneer mrs Boarding House, i m sorry she and Ladd opened up in 2018.

While her career takes up lot of she time, Ree is the form of mom to select her household over anything. Even on days when parenting feel the many difficult, the Food Network star renders sure to constantly look on the shining side.


Take a tour of "Pioneer Woman" Ree Drummond"s Immaculate Oklahoma Ranch

“That’s what motherhood is ,” she once mutual in a video titled “The Pioneer woman Cooks” top top YouTube. “If you can just embrace the chaos and also the funny parts, and really simply kind of cave on and enjoy the ride.”

In November 2020, Ree revealed her family grew through one when her foster son, Jamar, joined your brood nearly two year ago. In a lengthy blog short article on she website, the Christmas Cookie Challenge star introduced her “bodacious, bright, brilliant bonus kid.”

“I’m now writing about Jamar due to the fact that after a year-and-a-half of living in our house, that is one inextricable component of our wacky family,” Ree gushed, noting she waited to disclose his identity since Oklahoma “has strict rules versus posting about foster kids on social media.”


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Fortunately, the state’s firm restrictions no longer apply because Jamar is thought about a legitimate adult. “He’s cool through my talking about him, and he think it’s around time, considering he’s been in the household for end a year,” she sweetly added. “He told me he’s exhausted of feeling choose we’re trying to hide him from the world.”

Now the Ree allow the cat the end of the bag, she “can’t wait” to check out how much Jamar goes. “He’s bigger than life, has actually a hilarious laugh and is very smart — both book and also street,” the doting mommy marveled. “He’s a an excellent kid who’s get rid of some challenges in his life.”

Scroll down through the gallery listed below to fulfill Ree and Ladd’s kids!

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Alex Drummond

Ree and also Ladd’s an initial child to be born on June 25, 1997. Alex, who works through her mom on she Pioneer mrs brand, got her degree from Texas A&M University.

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At the moment of her graduation in might 2018, the blonde beauty gushed over her outstanding education. “In awe! Texas A&M University, you have been the sweet gift and also gave me the most unimaginably amazing four years,” Alex captioned a picture of herself wearing a cap and gown via Instagram. “I’m a university GRAD.”

After Alex graduated from college, Ree joked she wished she provided her daughter a cooking lesson prior to shipping her off to school. “If i were a an excellent mother, ns would’ve excellent that!” she teased with Us Weekly in February 2020. “Alex walk not prefer to chef at all.”

In enhancement to questioning her mother for food preparation tips and tricks, Alex will also be going come Ree for marital relationship advice. In respectable 2020, Ree announced she daughter’s engagement on Instagram, writing, “These two space gonna have so lot fun together. Us love you, Alex and Mauricio!”

Less 보다 a year Mauricio asked for Alex’s hand in marriage, Ree revealed the two tied the node in might 2021. The proud mama uploaded a pic the the bride and also groom surrounding by their family as they stated “I do” top top the Drummond household farm in Oklahoma.

“Alex and Mauricio’s wedding was beyond,” she penned alongside several Heart eyes emojis. “I will certainly be sharing countless (many many!) photos soon … but I can not wait to write-up one that my really favorites. All the siblings together … and Mauricio makes six!