Art imitating life. Meadow Walker, daughter of the late Paul Walker, has actually relied on she godfather, Vin Diesel, together a major source of support because her father’s death, a resource reveals solely in the new issue that Us Weekly.

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“She counts Vin and his children as family and also will talk to lock on days she’s struggling, and she has their backs too,” the insider explained. The model, 22, was simply 15 once the Fast and Furious star died at age 40 in a single-car accident in 2013.


Vin Diesel, meadow Walker and Paul Walker. Shutterstock(3)

Diesel, 53, has been open around his love for his goddaughter, that attended the F9 premiere previously this month. (Paul’s character, Brian O’Conner, is still alive in the human being of the franchise.)

“She’s the an initial person top top Father’s job to great me Happy Father’s Day,” the Guardians the the Galaxy star said Extra in June. “To watch her v my children is among the most beautiful things. There are moments as soon as I check out her playing with Pauline and also it hits me so deep, ’cause I have the right to only imagine what my brothers sees once he sees that.”

Diesel share Pauline, 6, through his longtime girlfriend, Paloma Jimenez. They additionally share daughter Hania, 13, and son Vincent, 11.

Though meadow has uncovered a 2nd family among the Bloodshot star and his children, she quiet maintains a strong bond with her so late father.

“Meadow is for this reason proud of her dad and also goes the end of her method to answers to people who send letters or express their love that him and also his work,” the resource added. “She write-ups tributes come him on social media, keeps in touch through the civilization who were vital in his life and also generally acts on the advice he gave her whilst he was still alive.”

There’s additionally a opportunity she might end up acting in the franchise the made she dad famous, at least according to Diesel. “I would certainly not counting anything out,” the XXX star called E!’s Daily Pop in June once asked about Meadow making a cameo in a future Fast and also Furious film. “Without offering you all of the keys of Fast 10, let’s just say nothing’s ruled out.”

No matter what happens, the California indigenous will quiet look to her father for support. As the insider place it: “Paul’s spirit and love certainly shines on through Meadow, and also she believes he’s looking down and also protecting she from heaven.”

For much more on Meadow’s relationship with Diesel, watch the video above and look for the brand-new issue the Us Weekly, on stands now.

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