Some world may understand actress Vanessa Lachey as the hold of Love is Blind on Netflix while others will acknowledge her from some big roles she's had over the years. She's been on Psych, CSI: NY, The Bold and also the Beautiful, 30 Rock, and more. Plus, fans will get to watch her ~ above the recent NCIS rate NCIS: Hawai'i.

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Vanessa is married to singer and also host Nick Lachey, but do they have any type of kids together? The pair has been together for end 10 years and reportedly started dating after castle filmed a music video together.

According to Insider, Vanessa and also Nick have three kids together. They began dating in 2006 and married in 2011. In Sept. 2012, they had actually their an initial child called Camden john Lachey. In Jan. 2015, they had a 2nd child, Brooklyn Elisabeth Lachey. They had Phoenix Robert Lachey in Dec. 2016.


The pair may not be done having actually kids. According to an respectable 2020 interview through Us Weekly, Vanessa is open up to having more children. She said, "anything is possible," due to the fact that she and also Nick still choose each other. This is nearly a finish 180 indigenous what she said Tamron Hall in Feb. That the same year.

"The shop is closed," Vanessa said to Tamron, according to Us Weekly. She did clarify the she understands other couples have a hard time having actually kids, and also she understands that she is blessed to have had three healthy kids. "I never ever want to disrespect the intensity and also the blessing of acquiring pregnant."

Nick was when married come singer Jessica Simpson, but the two got divorced in 2005. Nick and also Vanessa started dating the adhering to year. In an interview ~ above the talk show Strahan, Sara and also Keke, Nick claimed they had actually their very first date at a Hooters in brand-new Jersey. Vanessa claimed that the exact same day of their first date, a psychic called her the she would find her "prince charming" that day.


In the interview, they talked about how their connection started like the plotline because that Love Is Blind, where the couple only watch each other as soon as they're engaged. Nick said that he remained in L.A., and also Vanessa to be based in new York in ~ the time. This meant they had a long-distance relationship and also didn't get to view each other very often.

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It's unclear as soon as Nick and also Vanessa first met, however he and Jessica finalized their divorced in June 2006, follow to People. But in April that that same year, Vanessa starred in his music video clip for "What's Left of Me." Years later in a 2017 interview through Billboard, Vanessa and Nick talked around how her functioning on the MTV present TRL at the time and also him gift a member the 98 levels meant the they experienced a lot of each various other over the years.

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