You’ve likely heard of Machine pistol Kelly (real name: Colson Baker), even if it is it’s due to the fact that of his popular songs, steamy romance through Megan Fox or friendship v Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson. In enhancement to gift a rapper, he’s likewise a family man through a valuable daughter, Casie, who he can not be prouder of. Learn much more about the performer’s love ones, below. 

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MGK has actually a Daughter

The “Bloody Valentine” lyricist welcomed his first child through Emma Cannon in July 2008, and also the parents have due to the fact that parted ways romantically. Also though he ended up being a father at only 18 years old, MGK stepped as much as the plate. The project Power star provides her a large priority in his life, and they have an remarkable bond to this day.

“Two connecting flights and still no sleep, yet I’m do it to mine daughter’s recital tonight think that,” the tweeted in December 2019.

In January 2020, the star shared one more sweet message around his infant girl. “My daughter wears mine merch shirts to sleep every night and also I f–kin melt,” the doting dad gushed. It’s noticeable she’s his No. 1 fan!

Over the summer, MGK commemorated Casie’s birthday and also posted the sweetest photograph ever. “The princess turned 11,” he gushed in the subtitle of their adorable father-daughter selfie on July 23. “Dassss my ideal friendddd.”



Casie’s mother Is Emma

While some exes have actually a tumultuous dynamic post-split, that doesn’t appear to be the case with MGK and also his former flame.

On Mother’s work 2020, the songwriter shared a kind message committed to Emma. “My daughter has actually an impressive mum,” he created via Twitter. “Big love to every the young mums out there killin it.” 

Scroll listed below to watch photos that MGK and his family. 

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Courtesy of maker Gun Kelly/Instagram

Light of His Life

Casie clearly feels the safest in she daddy’s arms. “How is she mine?” MGK captioned the beloved photo.