To speak Melanie Griffith‘s three children are her people would it is in a complete understatement. The above actress has been the best mom to she children, Alexander Bauer, Dakota Johnson and also Stella banderas Griffith, if juggling her legendary Hollywood job throughout the last couple of decades.

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Melanie has reeled in plenty of accolades, but nothing to win the day she competent motherhood for the very first time as soon as her eldest child, Alexander, arrived in 1985. The Milk Money actress to be married come Alexander’s dad and also her second husband, Steven Bauer, yet the two referred to as it quits 4 years later on in 1989 ~ eight year of marriage.


That exact same year, Melanie rejoined with her very first spouse, Don Johnson, and said “I do” for the 2nd time. The pair — that was previously married for 6 months in 1976 — increased Melanie’s family when Dakota arrived later on in October 1989.

Although the Roar actress and also the Miami Vice actor provided their love one more shot, it ultimately didn’t occupational out in between the two as castle divorced because that the final time in 1996. Fortunately, Melanie moved on through actor Antonio Banderas. The duo exchanged vow that very same year and also welcomed the blonde beauty’s youngest child, Stella, months later on in September. Melanie and Antonio were together for nearly two decades before calling that quits in 2015.


Throughout her years together a Hollywood star, fans have come to know and also love Melanie’s children as they join their mother at red carpet events. She daughters, Dakota and also Stella, have likewise pursued their very own careers. If Melanie’s youngest son is still rising in the Hollywood ranks, Dakota has currently starred in blockbuster hits consisting of the Fifty Shades the Grey trilogy, The High Note, How to it is in Single and also many more.

As a showbiz icon herself, Melanie should be so thrilled to watch she gorgeous girls fill in her acting shoes. A girlfriend of the doting mom, who explained Melanie’s partnership with her kids as “close” and also “loving,” when told Closer the “she is truly proud of she kids.”


However, gift a “hovering” parental is simply not she style. “She allows them live their very own lives, make their very own mistakes,” the pal noted. “She do the efforts to it is in demonstrative through her love always.”

Scroll v the gallery below to meet the movie star’s mixed family!


Alexander Bauer

Melanie became a mom for the first time as soon as she invited her eldest child, Alexander, on respectable 22, 1985. Uneven his younger sisters, not a lot of is known around Alexander as he didn’t pursue a career in Hollywood.

Although he strays from the spotlight, Alexander will certainly make rarely appearances top top his mom’s Instagram. In august 2019, the proud mom shared a sweet picture of the handsome adult together he blew out candle on his birthday. “My ever before so wonderful son, Alexander,” she composed in the caption. Melanie also shared a snapshot of her boy v their pup in may 2020, writing, “Two the my favorite beings … Alexander and also Lady,” she gushed.

Most recently, the Night Moves actress praised her kid for gift an “extraordinary” human while celebrating national Sons job in September 2021. Melanie uploaded a photo that featured Alexander and also his stepbrother, Jesse Johnson. “I love friend both for this reason much,” she included in the caption.


Dakota Johnson

Melanie’s second kid is Dakota, that was born top top October 4, 1989. Similar to her mom and also dad, Dakota has end up being quite the actress and has starred in plenty of movies. On peak of the Fifty Shades franchise, Dakota has likewise appeared in other films including The society Network, 21 jump Street and also Suspiria.

Per IMDb, Dakota has actually no plans to sluggish down as she’s set to star in the upcoming films, Cha Cha real Smooth, Am i OK? and also The shed Daughter.

In terms of her personal life, Dakota has been dating Coldplay singer Chris Martin due to the fact that late 2017 and also things seem to be obtaining serious. Vanity Fair reported the pair have actually been living with each other in a $12.5 million Malibu mansion that the artist purchased in October 2020.

When it pertains to her connection with Melanie, Dakota is incredibly close v her famous mom. For national Daughters’ work in September 2021, Melanie uploaded several gorgeous snapshots of she young adult, and also Stella. “Happy nationwide Daughters Day,” she gushed alongside a red love emoji.

Stella Banderas

Melanie’s youngest son was born top top September 24, 1996. She has only appeared in one film, 1999’s stunner Alabama, yet she has made numerous public appearances with her parents. The brunette beauty is also the founder of Lightbound Studios, a health and beauty agency that uses “handcrafted innovations for the soul, body, and earth,” follow to her Instagram.

Speaking of society media, that not uncommon for Melanie come share a touching tribute for her girl. In April 2021, the Body Double actress uploaded your cover because that Vogue magazine and also revealed what she wishes to attain as a mom.

“To be a strong woman with an open heart that can back up what she states she can do. That, ns hope, is the legacy I have inspired in Stella,” she penned in the caption.

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There’s no doubt Stella is proud to be a Griffith, yet in September 2021, the up-and-coming star filed to adjust her name, asking a Los Angeles referee to eliminate Griffith from her moniker. According to court documents acquired by People, Stella filed the petition together she wants to “shorten surname by remove the extra last name.”

Because Stella go not frequently “use Griffith as soon as referring” to it s her or “on documents,” she protected the factor for the readjust in the filing. “Dropping the name would complement my consistent use,” review the court documents, per The Blast.