Meg Ryan and ex John Mellencamp may no longer be together, yet the on-again, off-again couple are seemingly remaining amicable for their families. Return they never ever welcomed any children together, the rom-com legend and the “Jack and Diane” rocker mixed their broods throughout your decades-long relationship.

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John shares his eldest daughter, Michelle, with his an initial wife Priscilla Esterline. Following their divorce in 1981, that went on to marry Victoria Granucci that same year and welcomed daughters Teddi and also Justice throughout your eight-year marriage. After ~ the two dubbed it quits in 1989, john walked down the aisle through his 3rd wife, Elaine Irwin, in 1992, and also completed his household when young Hud and Speck arrived. The pair divorced in 2011.


As because that Meg, the When harry Met Sally star is the loving mom of child Jack, whom she invited in 1992 through her then-husband, Dennis Quaid. ~ the pair referred to as it quits complying with a decade of marriage in 2001, the As the human being Turns alum expanded her family when she embraced her youngest daughter, Daisy, native China in 2006.

When John and also Meg an initial became a pair in 2011, they couldn’t be more excited to present each other to your families. Throughout the years, the two clans came to be quite close. The Grammy winner was also spotted on lot of occasions with the Sleepless in Seattle star and her embraced daughter.


Sadly, Jack and also Meg called that quits in October 2019. Back the pair had gotten engaged in November 2018, a source close come the Working Girl star told Us Weekly that “ had actually enough and ended .”

While the insider noted she had “no regrets,” a separate source told Closer Weekly the breakup certainly wasn’t easy. “Meg agonized over this, and also shed an ext than a couple of tears end this decision,” the insider explained. “She loves John through all she heart — he is a an extremely intense man and she said she never ever felt the deep and also profound love he offered her with any kind of man in she life, also in her marriages.”

Even despite the longtime lovebirds have actually a background of breaking up and also getting ago together, it appears their romantic relationship might be over for good. Follow to a different insider, john “has finally moved on” and also “found love again” with beauty, beauty expert Nurse Jamie Sherrill. “From what ns know, that pretty serious,” the source shared in April 2020, noting the new couple have to be together because March.


John’s daughter Teddi also wants the best for her dad. Follow to the insider, the Real Housewives the Beverly Hills star is “really happy” for the legend rock ‘n’ roller. “Teddi is friends through Nurse Jamie,” the source explained. “She’s well-known her for a when – prior to she started dating her dad.”

John and also Meg might be relocating on, yet they will constantly hold a special ar in every other’s hearts.

Scroll through the listed below to satisfy the previous pair’s blended family of seven kids! 


Michelle Mellencamp

Michelle, who was born in December 1970, has the honor of gift John’s very first child. John and also his first wife, Priscilla, invited Michelle when he was just 19 years old. Unlike her father, Michelle has stayed out of the spotlight. Fortunately, we do recognize she offered John and also Priscilla their an initial grandchild, Elexis Suzanne Peach.


Teddi Jo Mellencamp

Unlike her huge sister, Teddi Jo — who was born come John and also Victoria in July 1981 — decided to thrust herself into the spotlight. Beside from gift a former actors member the The real Housewives the Beverly Hills for three seasons from 2018 come 2020, Teddi is a also certified Nutrition/Wellness Coach and also Trainer. She even owns her own business, every in by Teddi.

As because that her an individual life, the TV personality has actually been married to husband Edwin Arroyave due to the fact that 2011. The longtime lovebirds also share their three kids, Cruz, Slate and also Dove. She’s likewise the love stepmom of her husband’s eldest child, Isabella, native a previous relationship.

Justice Mellencamp

John and also his 2nd wife invited daughter justice in 1985. Return the blonde beauty, beauty didn’t pursue a Hollywood career, she’s come to be successful in her very own right together she’s one of Hilton Head Island’s peak stylists. Justice is additionally married come a Michael Moore (not the famous director) and has two children, according to she Instagram page.

Hud Mellencamp

John came to be the dad the his an initial son once he welcomed Hud in April 1994 through his third wife, Elaine. Back not lot is known about the singer’s oldest son, we know he attended duke University and played football. He also looks a lot choose his dad!

Speck Mellencamp

The “Hurts for this reason Good” singer’s youngest boy came follow me in 1995. Unfortunately, over there isn’t a ton of information on John’s youngest child — or many pictures the him at all.

However, it appears the singer’s kiddo is fairly the artist as among his exhibits titled “Mellencamp: 3 Generations the Art” to be on display at the southerly Indiana facility for the Arts’ in October 2019, the Tribune reported.

Jack Quaid

The actress welcomed her eldest son, Jack, with ex Dennis in 1992. Favor his famed mother and father, Jack has done rather well for himself.

Since he sought an acting career, he’s appeared in The Hunger Games movies, The Boys ~ above Amazon Prime and also he’s likewise a playwright.

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Daisy True Ryan

Back in 2006, Meg chose to include another child to she family. Yet this time around, she chose to embrace a small girl native China.

Meg as soon as opened up around adopting she beloved daughter v a process that had a lottery system. “I to be convinced, totally convinced that there was nothing random about it,” the You’ve obtained Mail actress said People. “She is the daughter I need to have.”