Camila Alves McConaughey common a picture of son Levi, 12, and also daughter Vida, 10, to boast about their photography skills.

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Camila Alves McConaughey, wife of Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, is proud that her youngsters have taken up photography — and she"s celebrate by sharing a pic of lock in action.

The 38-year-old model posted a throwback pic Thursday ~ above Instagram that the couple"s two earliest children, boy Levi, 12, and also daughter Vida, 10, snapping a photo of your dad. In her caption, Alves McConaughey described that the two shutterbugs, along with younger brother Livingston, 7, have actually been photographing the gibbs for part big-name publications.

In the photo, the "Dallas Buyers Club" star, 51, poses external with his foot crossed as Levi and Vida snap pics of him on smartphones.

"Because of quarantine we couldn’t perform normal photoshoots therefore our children have become the expert photographers because that Matthew’s recent magazine covers! It’s exceptional to check out what they have done! very proud!!" Alves McConaughey composed in her caption.

Matthew McConaughey and wife Camila Alves McConaughey in ~ the 2018 Toronto global Film FestivalGP images / Getty Images

Amazing is right! The an innovative McConaughey youngsters collaborated top top a picture shoot of your dad for world magazine"s Oct. 26 version — with one of their photos as the covering shot.

"They’re right into it — all three (of the kids)," McConaughey told people of his kids" passion for photography. "They’re ending up being a production crew. It’s very cool, (and) they’re starting to obtain kind of great at it."

Levi and Vida also teamed increase remotely through photographer Devin Oktar Yalkin, who offered FaceTime to overview them through the process of shooting numerous stunning portraits of your dad the ran in The brand-new York time in October.

"In a brief conversation through them before the shoot, I defined to Mr. McConaughey what I had actually in mind and what ns needed. He entirely understood and then handed me turn off to his children, and also I go them v the process," Yalkin composed in a new York time essay around the project.

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"The internet link kept breaking up occasionally," that added. "But Levi and also Vida to be sweet, sincere and excited come help. They common the camera, taking turns snapping. Together a dad myself, i was touch by the way they were with each other."

Yalkin also noted a "tender" top quality in the images, many thanks to the "familial sensibility" in between the subject and also his photographers. "You have the right to see something various in Mr. McConaughey’s eye contact. The photos amplify that emotional connection."

"I hope Levi and Vida choose them as lot as ns do," the added.


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