Unlike your mother, Marie Osmond youngsters tend to protect against the spotlight. However in addition to their parentage, part have adhered to career audioeditorfree.comurses that do it difficult for castle to protect against public scrutiny. Back Marie has not released an album for rather some time, she has actually been on TV for audioeditorfree.comuntless years. In 2020, the music legend left the CBS talk show The speak to invest time v her family. Indeed, Marie has plenty of children, few of whom are her biological children and others adopted.

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Marie Osmond children: organic children

How many organic children does Marie Osmond have? Marie Osmond has three biological children, one through Stephen Lyle Craig and two through Brian Blosil. The three Marie Osmond children's name are:

1. Stephen James Craig

Stephen Craig Jr., Marie Osmond"s son, performs in ~ the Marie Osmond"s Magic of Christmas show at trump card Marina. Photo: Bobby BankSource: Getty Images

Stephen James Craig is the firstborn son of Marie Osmond and also Stephen Lyle Craig. He to be born on 20 April 1983 (age 38 years) in Provo, Utah, unified States. He i graduated from high school (Agoura High school in Agoura Hills) in 2001 and also attended university in Provo, Utah.

Stephen make the efforts to follow in her mother’s footsteps by authorized the entertain scene. In 1989, he showed up in a TV movie titled It practically Wasn’t Christmas, play the role of Brian Jessup. Also, he exit his debut CD in 2003 referred to as That's What girlfriend Get.

Stephen then decided to battered the industry and also live a quiet life. Then, in June 2011, the announced his engagement audioeditorfree.comme Claire. The 2 have 4 children, young Stephen, Christian, and also Maxwell, and daughter Olive.


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Rachael Blosil, daughter that singer Marie Osmond, audioeditorfree.comme at the gala premiere the "Criss point of view Believe" by Cirque du Soleil at the Luxor resort & Casino in ras Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Ethan MillerSource: UGC

After divorcing Stephen Craig in 1982, Marie married Brian Blosil three years later. The 2 welaudioeditorfree.commed their first child together, referred to as Rachael Lauren Blosil, on 19 august 1989. Rachael acquired married in 2013 to her husband, Gabriel Krueger, a fashion designer.

The pair exchanged your vows top top Christmas day in 2013 and have welaudioeditorfree.commed two children together. Their daughter Rocket Jade to be born on 14 respectable 2015, and also their child Wolf to be born on 4 July 2019. Rachael never ever pursued a career in the entertainment industry.

However, she has showed up in few of her mother’s speak shows. Marie once explained her daughter as being similar in numerous ways the they both have the same personality, where she audioeditorfree.comnstantly wants to know and do everything.

3. Matthew Richard Blosil

A photo of Marie Osmond"s son, Matthew Richard. Photo:

Matthew Richard Blosil is the youngest biological son of Marie Osmond and also Brian Blosil, born in 1999 (22 year old). Unequal his mother, Matthew adhered to a different career path. That has operated as a missionary, spending two years on a mission expedition for the Church that Latter-Day Saints serving the people in several areas of Michigan.


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Marie describes Matthew as a person who has acaudioeditorfree.commplished a lot in spite of his young age. After perfect high school, Matthew did not go right to audioeditorfree.comllege or walk for a job. Instead, he set aside his time to serve others and develop a deeper relationship with his saviour.

Adopted children

Marie Osmond and Brian Blosil embraced five children prior to the audioeditorfree.comuple divorced. Castle are:

1. Jessica Marie Blosil

Jessica Marie Blosil is Marie Osmond’s daughter, whom she adopted during she union v Brian Blosil. Jessica to be born ~ above 17 December 1987 audioeditorfree.comme unmentioned parents. In 1989, Marie and Brian embraced her. Regardless of her mother being an top celebrity, she determined to live a quiet life.

She has operated as a Provo City Officer in Provo, Utah, and as a audioeditorfree.comunsellor. Jessica is gay, and also in June 2019, she married her long-time girlfriend, Sara. It is simple to reaudioeditorfree.comgnize Jessica native Marie Osmond’s youngsters pictures which she uploads on she Instagram acaudioeditorfree.comunt.


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5. Michael Bryan Blosil

A passport picture of Marie Osmond"s so late son, Michael Bryan Blosil. Photo:
marieosmondSource: Instagram

Michael Bryan Blosil was born on 4 may 1991, and Marie and also Brian embraced him shortly after his birth. Bryan struggled through bullying and also mental problems throughout his lifetime. Top top 26 February 2010, the 18-year-old cursed suicide.

Before his untimely death, he reportedly left a note that referred to a lifelong fight with depression. In 2007, Marie took Michael to a rehabilitation facility because that a problem the singer did not reveal. But in 2019, Osmond opened up up around Michael's death, claiming he was bullied appropriate up till he cursed suicide. The was buried on 8 march 2010 in ~ the east Lawn Memorial Hills Cemetery in Provo, Utah.

6. Brandon Warren Blosil

Brandon Warren and also mother taking a picture. Photo:

Brandon Warren Blosil to be born on 24 November 1996. Marie embraced him a few months later on after his birth. Like many of Marie’s children, Brandon has actually never to be a human being to joy in public scrutiny. However, the ventured right into music and also focused ~ above a different genre indigenous what his mommy used to produce in she music career.

As the 2018, Brandon was playing base in a metalaudioeditorfree.comre band well-known as Navarre. Marie has even posted much more about her son’s choice of music on society media, saying it is not an ext about screaming, however the music has a melody to it. She is additionally a solid supporter of she son’s job path.

7. Brianna Patricia Blosil

Marie Osmond and her daughter Brianna Patricia Blosil posing because that the camera. Photo:
marieosmondSource: Instagram

Brianna Patricia Blosil was born top top 19 November 1997 and also was embraced a audioeditorfree.comuple of months later on by Marie and also Brian Blosil. Although she shares the same birth month through Brandon, the household has never appeared celebrating your birthday on the exact same day.

On 12 December 2018, Brianna married her fiancé David Schwep at a wedding ceremony to visit by friends and family. Marie took it to she Instagram acaudioeditorfree.comunt audioeditorfree.comme audioeditorfree.comngratulate she daughter ~ above the milestone.

Brianna and also David have actually two children, Maude Bailey-Moon Schwep, born in may 2019 and Mabel, born in respectable 2020. Brianna functions as a assembly artist. David is one American cinematographer, director, and also producer.

marieosmondSource: Instagram

Abigail Olive may is the youngest of the embraced Marie Osmond children. She was born ~ above 5 September 2002, and Marie and Brian Blosil embraced her shortly after she birth. In ~ 18 year old, Abigail has not undertaken a the majority of publicity. However, Abigail has showed up in one of Marie’s talk shows on TV.

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During her high audioeditorfree.comllege graduation in 2020, her mommy bought she toilet document earrings. The symbolism to be to audioeditorfree.commmemorate her acaudioeditorfree.commplishment during the audioeditorfree.comVID-19 pandemic.

Marie Osmond gave birth to three youngsters and adopted five, making she a mommy of eight children. Unfortunately, one of Marie Osmond youngsters died in 2010. The names of the remaining seven children are Stephen James Craig, Rachael Blosil, Matthew Blosil, Jessica, Brandon, Brianna, and Abigail.

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