Marc Anthony is famed for his music, his marital relationship to J.Lo, and for just being a chill, multi-talented guy. But his impressively lengthy career (and impressively high music sales) average he"s precious millions. In fact, Celebrity net Worth says he"s worth around $80M.

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That superior amount begs the question: how much go Marc pay in child support because that his six kids?

Though Marc Anthony"s twins v Jennifer Lopez room his highest-profile offspring, he additionally has four more children. And to be fair, half the children are already adults in ~ this point; Max and Emme room the youngest, and Ryan access time the large 1-8 in 2021.

But after ~ his high-profile relationships with his kids" moms, pan gotta wonder -- simply how huge was that boy support invoice he got after he split from every of them?

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Considering the truth that J.Lo is worth at least $400 million, per Celebrity net Worth, did Marc need to shell out for the twins as soon as the couple divorced in 2014? Fox News evidenced that no, Jennifer didn"t asking Marc because that a dime. In fact, the pair agreed the "no kid or spousal support was necessary." That does make sense.

But what around Dayanara Torres, the mommy of Marc"s middle collection of kids? when their mother filed for divorce from your dad in at an early stage 2004, Cristian and Ryan were only toddlers. And unlike Marc"s higher-profile ex, Torres" network worth is only about $5M, says Celebrity net Worth.

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While it"s unclear exactly exactly how much Marc paid per month as soon as the guys were little, Fox News evidenced that in 2014, he was paying around $27K per month. The was also forced to pay "$12,000 a year for Torres" and their sons" vacation expenses," detailed the publication. And those amounts are before factoring in medical expenses and tuition costs.

In total, Marc payment at least $28K come Dayanara for their tween boys per month for who knows just how long. Assuming the quantities average the end over the kids" lives, from your parents" divorce to adulthood, Anthony likely spent virtually $5.5 million on an easy child support alone, plus those medical and school expenses.

But over there are also two older children to consider. Marc"s very first two children were v his long-ago girl friend Debbie Rosado, and also the youngsters were born in the beforehand "90s. Rosado, one NY City cop, received around $2,700 every month from Marc back in 2000, confirmed NY Post.

She inquiry for boost in Marc"s "voluntary boy support" -- he also voluntarily payment Rosado"s rent and detailed her v an SUV.

Marc agreed come her demands in court, while both of your lawyers haggled end documentation. There"s no mention of the couple"s adopted son at that time, however clearly, Marc paid that child"s expenses too; they"re still close today.

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But the bottom line? Marc Anthony has paid at the very least $7M in son support over his kids" lifetimes, to add their college fees and also medical expenses.

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