TEEN mommy 2 star Leah Messer has actually three children, pair 10-year-old daughters Ali and Aleeah, and seven-year-old daughter Adalynn.

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Adalynn's father is Leah's ex-husband Jeremy Calvert, and the twins' dad is her first husband Corey Simms.


Messer and also Simms, 29, dealt with over custody of the girls in 2015 ~ the MTV star sought therapy for anxiety and depression.

She admitted she almost lost custody, yet revealed the she actually never did.

The MTV star told united state Weekly: “The present custody situation, just honestly…whatever we think is ideal for them, us do.

"We are doing the mainly on and then a mainly off.


She has twin daughters Ali and Aleeah and also seven-year-old daughter AdalynnCredit: Instagram

“It’s constantly been 50/50. People were like, ‘Leah lost custody.’

"I nearly did, yet I never lost custody of mine children.”

The Teen mom 2 star added: “It would certainly be going through the custody stuff through Corey.

“‘Cause if anyone to know me they recognize that as soon as it concerns being a mom and also my girls, they space my life. They are my life."


Messer and Simms, 29, combated over custody the the girls in 2015 after the MTV star sought treatment for anxiety and also depressionCredit: MTV

She continued: "I no in the biggest place mentally and then it to be affecting me physically, like it practically cost me mine children.

"I ended up being suicidal. It was a struggle.

"I think that would certainly be the lowest point.”

She has actually the pair from Thursday come Sunday and also returns them come Corey beforehand Monday, follow to Us.


Corey had carried the Teen mom 2 star come court in 2015, amid reports that she was abusing prescription drugs and also failing to obtain her children to institution on timeCredit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images


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Their dad will likewise get to invest one weekend a month through his daughters and also agreed to split all medical bills and also other bills associated with the youngsters down the middle.

Corey had brought the Teen mom 2 star to court in 2015, between reports that she was abusing prescription drugs and also failing to get her youngsters to school on time.

She denied reports that primary custody to be awarded to Corey at the time.

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She maintained primary custody of she youngest child, Adalynn.


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