Power come the parents! Kim Zolciak and also Kroy Biermann keep a joined front while raising their large brood.

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“There’s no trying to pit us versus each other,” the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum, 41, told Us Weekly solely on Tuesday, February 25, while promoting her Valentine’s Day remain at Mohegan sunlight in Connecticut through the former expert football player, 34. “There’s no one of the stuff. They recognize that our foundation is really, really solid.”

The Bravo personality explained, “Our marital relationship comes first. I know a lot of of civilization get top top me when I to speak this, but it yes, really does. Ns don’t feel choose we can be great parents if we didn’t placed our marriage first. Our youngsters are not able to walk to me and also say, ‘Mom, deserve to I have… ?’ ok say, ‘Did friend ask Dad?’ and also they know, they have to say ‘yes’ or ’no.’”


Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann attend the cool Celebration occasion at Seminole hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa top top October 3, 2019. Ralph Notaro / MEGA

The Don’t be Tardy stars, that wed in 2011, share welcomed four youngsters together: Kroy Jr., 8, Kash, 7, and twins Kaia and also Kane, 6. The athlete also embraced Zolciak’s 2 daughters native a vault relationship, Brielle, 23, and also Ariana, 18.

In November 2019, the Florida native told Us exclusively that she and also Biermann talk about adding one more baby to your brood “all the time.” She explained, “Kroy had a vasectomy, therefore it’s miscellaneous we’d have to really go and do. … i mean, we probably would’ve had actually six an ext if the didn’t!”

The previous year, the Dancing with the Stars alum told Us that she “would love to have another little boy” because she is “just obsessed” with her young — however Brielle no approve.

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“I think if she acquired pregnant again, I’d be like, ‘Are friend OK? space you insane?’” the version told Us solely in February 2019. “She’s constantly like, ‘No weird numbers, we need to have also .’ therefore obviously, there would certainly be one eighth comes — we’re not going to have seven — so this isn’t the finish of it! … Don’t have actually any more kids. We’re jam-packed together it is!”


For now, Zolciak and also Biermann are concentrating on your family, maintaining the romance alive v their Connecticut casino trip. “I always win at Mohegan, and also my love because that gambling operation deep,” the college of Connecticut graduate called Us. “I love it.”

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