Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ youngsters have developed into beautiful and mature young adults. Find out all around the strength couple’s 3 kids.

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consueloshave a lot of to be proud of. Because that starters, the 50-year-olds have took pleasure in a blissful marriage over the previous 25 year that only keeps heater up. Plus, they’re crushing it in their respective careers: Kelly is quiet leading she widely-successful morning talk show,Live! v Kelly and Ryan, while Mark has actually been carrying an impeccable power onRiverdale. However most importantly, the pair has operated together come raise three beautiful and also inspiring children: Michael Consuelos, 24, Lola Consuelos, 20, and Joaquin Consuelos, 18.

Over the years, Kelly and Mark’s three children have grown right into mature young adults, while likewise remaining particularly close through their well known parents. Below, has actually rounded up whatever there is know around the Consuelos children.

Michael Consuelos




Aside native Film, Michael has additionally dipped his toe in acting, including a couple of voiceroles in reflects likeGo, Diego! Go!andDuck Dodgers.But many notably, Michael appeared in a2018 flashback illustration of Riverdale together the younger version of his dad’s character, Hiram Lodge. He newly reprised that role for an illustration of the teen drama’s fifth season.

Michael has a shining future front of him, and also he’s also hinted that he may follow in his parent’s footsteps and pursue acting full-time. “I realized, ‘I sort of love this,’ ” he said on E! News’ Daily Pop in Aug. 2021. “I’m open to anything, however I think my enthusiasm lies in acting.”

Lola Consuelos

Lola Consuelos and mom Kelly Ripa at CNN Heroes red carpet in NY on Dec. 17, 2017 (Photo: Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/Shutterstock)

Lola Consuelos, the middle child and also only daughter of Kelly and Mark, was born ~ above June 16, 2001. Lola has grown up right into a important stunning young woman, and fans have gotten to watch the young beauty onmagazine covers with her family, and also even on some red carpets over the years. Lola is at this time a student atNew York University, whereby she’s majoring in music.

Lola has attracted fan’s attention thanks to her Instagram account. She’s presented off her remarkable vocal skills in videos before, and she’s likewise turned top for her bikini snaps. However, Lola has due to the fact that wiped herInstagram web page clean from she past articles — including snaps that her friend Tarek Fahmy. Due to the lack of social media contents from one of two people person, their connection status is currently unclear.

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Joaquin Consuelos

Joaquin Consuelos with mom Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan at the White house on April 6, 2015 (Photo: Greg Mathieson/Shutterstock)

Kelly and also Mark invited their third (and final) child, Joaquin Consuelos, on Feb. 24, 2003. Favor his big brother Michael, Joaquin has actually grown right into a handsome fella and also looks as with his dad’s mini-me at times. Joaquin looked specifically dapper in may 2021 when he attend prom in new York City, which is wherein the family members lives. The teens wore ablack suit and also tie, courtesy the his dad, and looked for this reason handsome through his date Melissa, who wore a stunning navy one-shouldered dress.