The rojo Stones guitarist Keith Richards is a rock and roll legend in his very own right. While Mick Jagger"s swagger and dance moves come to mind with standard hits like "Gimme Shelter" or "Wild Horses," it"s Richards" unmatched musical talent that is the not-so-silent backbone the the above band. Ever since founding the team in 1962, Richards and Jagger have been ~ above a wild drive of fame that has actually spanned over half a century. From medicine arrests to plenty that romantic partners, The rojo Stones absolutely epitomize the "drugs, sex and also rock "n roll" lifestyle. 

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However, Richards had actually two long-term relationships and also one marriage that in full resulted in four children. Richards began dating roll Stones bandmate Brian Jones" ex-girlfriend, model-actor Anita Pallenberg, in 1967. In spite of their "turbulent relationship" as described by the connected Press, Richards and Pallenberg continued to be together till 1980 after ~ Richards suspected her of cheating v Jagger (via The Guardian). "She"s a fantastic person. I will constantly love her. I simply can"t live v her, you know?" Richards called Rolling stone magazine in 1981. The pair had three kids together: daughter Angela, and also sons Marlon and Tara. 

Richards walk on to have another two children, daughters Theodora and Alexandra, with version Patti Hansen, whom he very first met in 1979 before breaking points off through Pallenberg. It was love at an initial sight, and the duo bound the node in 1983. Every Vogue, they space still married come this day. For this reason who space Richards" kids? keeping scrolling!

Keith Richards is currently a "strict" dad of four after being "haunted" by the death of his 5th child

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Keith Richards take away parenthood seriously. Eldest boy Marlon Richards had actually a tumultuous childhood, even going top top tour with The roll Stones when Pallenberg sought therapy for medicine addiction, follow to The daily Mail UK. Marlon opted out of the spotlight because that a more quiet life together an adult, and also works as an artist and graphic designer per Heavy. His daughter Ella rose Richards is likewise a rising design who has actually been featured in teenager Vogue.

Tara, Richards" 2nd son with Pallenberg, tragically passed away at just a two months old because of Sudden Infant fatality Syndrome. Richards created in his 2011 memoir Life that he might "never forgive" himself for Tara"s death and also it "haunted" the for decades after. Richards and Pallenberg"s center child Angela (her birth surname is Dandelion) to be born together Richards was persuaded Pallenberg was having actually an affair v bandmate Mick Jagger. If Richards was unsure of Angela"s paternity per Daily mail UK, Angela was increased by Richards" mother Doris, and also today runs an equestrian school.

As for Richards" 2 gorgeous daughters with wife Patti Hansen, the blonde bombshells have been modeling due to the fact that their teenager years. The sisters told DuJour the they often raided their famed father"s closet however that Richards to be surprisingly a "strict stickler for rules" (via Express). Richards even wrote a children"s book with Theodora illustrating! The close-knit family members are together timeless together the Stones" stardom.