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Justin Bieber is prepared to it is in a father. In his brand-new Amazon element documentary, Justin Bieber: our World, that debuted top top Friday, the 27-year-old popular music star stated he wants a baby through his wife, Hailey, by the finish of 2021.

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During the documentary, which complies with his brand-new Year"s night 2020 concert, 24-year-old Hailey asks that if that has any intentions for 2021.

"My intention for 2021 is to proceed to set goals and also have funny while act them," Justin says. "Make sure I placed my household first. And, hopefully, us squish the end a little nugget."

Hailey shows up shocked and also responds, "In 2021?!," come which Justin asks, "The end of 2021? We start trying?"

Hailey isn"t opposed to the idea.

"OK, maybe," she says. "We chandelier see."

Justin renders it clear the it"s ultimately Hailey"s decision.

"It"s approximately you, babe," he says.

During the documentary, Justin likewise gushes about what it means to constantly have the assistance of his wife. Justin and Hailey have been married due to the fact that 2018.

"I think in a many homes, specifically my home growing up, a lot things were unpredictable and so that simply made things unreliable," he shares. "Now that I have actually a partner to invest my life with, it"s to be really great for my psychological health. It"s to be really great for my heart, mine spirit. So, you might be traveling all throughout the world and if I"m with her then i feel prefer I"m home."

In May, a source told ET that the pair was enjoying being married and also focused on your careers.

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"Justin and Hailey are doing amazing and also are therefore solid," the resource said. "They"ve really uncovered their groove together a married pair and are enjoying your time together."

"Hailey is super concentrated on she career best now and also isn"t in a sirloin to have actually kids," the resource continued. "Of food they have talked about their future and also building a family members together someday, yet both of them space busy with work-related right now and also Hailey really wants to develop up she YouTube channel. The two of them are an extremely supportive of each other."

But in one April interview v GQ, Justin said he absolutely wanted to have children.

"I just felt favor that was my calling. Simply to acquire married and have babies and also do that whole thing," he said. "Not this second, but... Eventually."


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