Jenna Jameson just wants to have the ability to make peace with her ex so the they can raise their children. She just wants the ideal for them.

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Jenna Jameson claimed that she simply wants come make tranquility with she ex Tito Ortiz therefore they have the right to raise their youngsters together.

Jenna Jameson just wants the finest for her children. She wants her boys to have the ideal life and also she wants them to have a love mother and also father. Although she and also her ex room no longer together, she desires to be able to get in addition to him because that the benefits of she boys. Jameson said that she and her ex, Tito Ortiz, MMA fighter, have had had a rocky past yet she wants to placed that every aside. She created that "there"s nothing we can"t conquer for our children." Together, the pair has 2 children. They have twin boys Jesse and also Journey who space 10 year old.

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Jameson has had a really tough time in the previous with Ortiz. She is now involved to Lior Bitton. Together they share a two-year-old daughter Batel. Back in September 2018, she created a write-up saying that her sons had unfortunately no met the baby yet and they were actually living through their dad. She created saying that she wishes that one day it will certainly get much better and your sons have the right to have a normal life. The pair split in 2013 and he was granted complete custody that his twins. He also raises a son, Jacob, indigenous a ahead relationship. Ortiz"s current girlfriend, Amber Nichole Miller, said that she loves being your bonus mom. She stated that being your bonus mom has made her an ext grounded, selfless and a more thoughtful parent.

Jameson is right now raising her daughter Batel and also she is fighting against a the majority of mom-shamers who have bashed her on she parenting and her decision on how to raise her children. She has also been mom-shamed because that not having actually custody that her pair boys. She stated that she is trying to carry out the best she can and also that she feels favor she is act a good job. Jameson created to one specific mom-shamer that was questioning her continuation of breastfeeding her two-year-old she wrote, "You sound ignorant and also judgmental.

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Mine daughter is perfect and I could treatment less what you think. Therefore mind her business."

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