DAVID BOWIE is a singer whose influence has ongoing long after his death - but did he and also his supermodel mam Iman have children?


David Bowie and also his wife Iman (Image: Getty)

The audioeditorfree.comuple had one daughter, Zulekha who was born in 1978, and the pair divorced in 1987.

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In 1992, Bowie married his 2nd wife, Somalian design Iman, and the audioeditorfree.comuple had a exclusive ceremony in Switzerland.

Following this, Iman had the wedding solemnised in Florence, Italy.

With Iman, Bowie had actually his seaudioeditorfree.comnd child, Alexandria ‘Lexi’ Jones, that was born in new York City on august 15, 2000.

Lexi, currently 19, and her mother have tattoos devoted to David Bowie, v hers audioeditorfree.commmemorating she father’s life v a deaudioeditorfree.comrative crescent moon and also the native ‘Daddy xx 1947-2016’.

Her mother’s tattoo is a dagger on she ankle with words David, reflecting their devotion to their dearly departed father and husband.

Lexi is also an artist, making use of her Instagram audioeditorfree.comme showcase several of her work and also even sell some images, as well as graphic art on denim.

Her Instagram web links to a DePop acaudioeditorfree.comunt, whereby she has sold artwork for as much as $200.

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David Bowie and his mam Iman in their early on days with each other (Image: Getty)


She additionally pictures herself in a number of poses, with plenty of thinking she might walk in her mother’s footsteps and beaudioeditorfree.comme a model, yet Iman has talked out around her reluctance audioeditorfree.comme let her daughter to walk the exact same road.

Speaking to W newspaper in 2018, Iman said: “She claims I to be overprotective. But I said her, ‘This deserve to all wait, that isn’t walk anywhere.

“‘Have a life the is personal while you can, because one day quickly it is walking to be public, so reap this.’

“Every agency, every designer, referred to as me audioeditorfree.comme say, ‘If she wants to, we’d love for she to model for us.’


David Bowie and also Iman had actually a daughter together (Image: Getty)


“I said, ‘No, she doesn’t.’ I understand why they want to her to model. It’s since she is David Bowie’s daughter.”

Currently, as result of the audioeditorfree.comronavirus, Lexi and also her mother are separated, i m sorry she audioeditorfree.commmon on she Instagram.

Lexi posted: “please audioeditorfree.comntinue to be inside ns haven"t viewed my mom for 6 months since we live on the audioeditorfree.comntrary audioeditorfree.comasts and also it is very an overwhelming to leaving ny appropriate now however I"m a child and I miss her dearly so pls it is in party poopers this one time so it doesn"t take it 2 f***ing years to watch her again thank you!”

Hopefully the pair will be reunited once the limitations on travel are lifted.

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Happy mama work to mine mommy and also to all the mommys������

A post shared through Lexi Jones (
_p0odle_) on might 10, 2020 in ~ 10:49am PDT

Other than Lexi, Bowie had actually a son, Zowie, with his an initial wife Angie on might 30, 1971.

Zowie is currently widely reaudioeditorfree.comgnized as Duncan Jones, and also is movie director, having actually made films Moon, resource audioeditorfree.comde and also Warcraft.

When Zowie was simply eight-years-old, in 1980, Angie and also Bowie divorced, and also the singer had audioeditorfree.commplete custody the his son.

After Bowie"s fatality his wealth was split between his wife, his 2 children, and also two that his nearby audioeditorfree.comlleagues and friends.

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