Hugh Hefner once claimed to have actually slept v over 1,000 ladies in his lifetime (per 9Honey). Regardless of his infamous playboy call (and Playboy that company empire), Insider reports the Hefner to be married three times and also had 4 children. In 1949, Hefner married his first wife, college sweetheart Mildred Williams (via Heavy). They walk on to have actually two children, Christie and David, before divorcing in 1959. Hefner had many girlfriends however would not marry again till 1989, this time come Kimberley Conrad, that at the time was Playmate that the year.

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According come People, she was 26 and also he was 63. They eventually had 2 sons, Marston and Cooper. Back they break-up in 1998, the couple didn"t divorce until 2010 because of Conrad"s desire to continue to be legally married for the services of your children.

Hefner"s last marital relationship was to crystal Harris in 2012 (per The U.S. Sun). They had no children and also were married until his death. Return Hefner died in 2017, his legacy and also his youngsters live on. Some of them have remained the end of the spotlight, while rather joined their father in functioning for Playboy.

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According to the U.S. Sun, Hefner"s four children have pretty huge age gaps between them. His oldest, daughter Christine, was born in 1952. His kid David to be born in 1955. As for the younger Hefners, Marston to be born in 1990, when Cooper to be born in 1991 (via SuperbHub). In a report at the moment of Hugh"s death in 2017, Insider related that not much is known about David. It"s thought he has his own computer consulting for sure and, as Biographypedia posted previously this year, has operated in movie production. Christie, however, adhered to in she father"s footsteps and also began to work for Playboy in 1975. She later ended up being president the Playboy enterprise before coming to be chairman and CEO in 1988. It"s a place Christie held until she stepped under from the duty in 2009. She was named one the Forbes 100 Most an effective Women in the World earlier in 2005.

Marston"s twitter bio claims that he"s a writer. Back in 2012, he to be arrested because that attacking his Playmate girlfriend, Claire Sinclair (per the day-to-day Mail). He was later sentenced to a one-year residential violence program.

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Cooper (above), now 30, is maybe the family"s golden boy. He was formerly the chief creative officer because that Playboy Enterprises. Per CNN,he left Playboy to create his own media company. In 2019, he joined the waiting Force, and also in 2020, he announced one exploratory project for to run for the California senate. He and his wife, Scarlett Byrne Hefner, are expecting pair in 2022. They have actually a 15-month-old daughter, reports E! Online.