He’s played several of the best heroes in film history, but the role Harrison Ford is most proud the is being the father of his tremendous children. Transparent the year of his top movie career, the Indiana Jones star came to be the loving dad of youngsters Ben Ford, Willard Ford, Malcolm Ford, Georgia Ford and Liam Flockhart.

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In 1964, the legend actor tied the knot for the an initial time with ex-wife Mary Marquardt. The former couple welcomed their eldest son, Ben, in 1967, followed by son Willard in 1969, before going your separate methods in 1979.


Four years later in 1983, the angry star married again, this time to Melissa Mathison. Harrison and the Hollywood screenwriter increased the actor’s household when they welcomed child Malcolm in 1987, and daughter Georgia in 1990. Sadly, the two separation in 2004, and Melissa died less 보다 10 years later on in 2015 following a battle with neuroendocrine cancer.

In 2010, Harrison gave marriage another shot when he claimed “I do” to actress Calista Flockhart, whom he date for virtually a decade. The doting dad knowledgeable parenthood because that the 5th time as soon as he and his longtime girlfriend adopted youngest child Liam in 2001.


Since the married duo included to Call that the Wild actor’s family, he can not be much more in love with his effective brood. “Harrison never ever thought he’d become a late-in-life dad, yet it’s to be a significant blessing come him,” a friend exclusively shared with Closer Weekly in June 2019. “He has actually been mindful to give Liam his full attention.”

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The blade Runner star adores his youngest boy so much, he even once revealed Liam is the reason why he decided to walk skydiving in 2019. “Probably due to the fact that Liam said he wanted to execute it,” Harrison hilariously dished throughout an illustration on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The Fugitive star detailed it to be Liam’s “idea” to take the jump, but he no seem to remorse the choice. “It was fun, it to be great. Ns did like it,” that continued, jokingly adding, “We’re no talking to his mother about it.”


Although Harrison shares an undeniable bond v his youngest child, he also does every little thing he deserve to for his older children. In respect of Father’s job in 2019, the Star Wars actor’s eldest son, Ben, common a poignant tribute to let his dad know exactly how much the truly method to him.

“I love this photograph of both of us grilling the up. Metaphorically i think it speak volumes,” the cook captioned a picture of the father-son duo cooking chicken wing on the grill via Twitter. “He teach me resiliency as a young father and also later helped offer me the courage to seek my dreams.”

Scroll with the gallery listed below to accomplish Harrison’s 5 children!


Ben Ford

Harrison’s very first child come in September 1967, and also Ben has certainly come a long method since then. The eldest Ford is quite the famous and achieved chef, and an author to Taming the Feast, a book that functions step-by-step portrayed instructions because that menus. Ben also owns his own restaurant.

When the isn’t cooking up a storm, Ben is taking care of his kids, Waylon and Ethan, v his wife, Emily.


Willard Ford

Willard is Harrison and also Mary’s second child and also was born in may 1969. Prefer his large brother, that did no go the acting route prefer his father. However, he has done huge things together he owns the Ludwig clothing Company. That was likewise the owner of strong Sports Gym, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were forced to close. “With nowhere to revolve we’re calling that quits,” a June 2020 Instagram post read. “Thank you all for your faithful patronage and friendship.”

Willard is additionally a dad to two kids, Guiliana and also Eliel.

Malcolm Ford

In October 1987, Harrison and also Melissa invited the star’s 3rd child, Malcolm. Prefer his dad, Malcolm gone after a job in entertainment.

Not just did he appear in the movie Water to Wine in 2004, yet he’s additionally in one indie tape called The Dough Rollers. V his bandmates, the singer has created two albums title The Dough Rollers and also Gone infant Gone.

Georgia Ford

Harrison’s very first daughter arrived in June 1990. If she is no as energetic in Hollywood as her dad, Georgia has starred in a couple of films, including her debut in 2003’s American Milkshake. Harrison has also been fairly open about his child’s fight with epilepsy.

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“She is authorized me to thank deals with (Find a Cure for Epilepsy and also Seizures0,” he when told the Daily News the his daughter. “I excellent a lot of things about her. I admire her talent, she strength. She my hero. I love her.”

He added, “When you have actually a love one who suffers indigenous this disease, it have the right to be devastating.”

Liam Flockhart

Calista and Harrison adopted their son Liam in 2001. When Liam has actually been out of the spotlight for the many part, us do know he’s a full-time college student. Harrison and also Calista were also spotted helping their son move right into his dorm in ~ Amherst university in Hampshire County, Massachusetts, in 2019.