The Bruised director, 55, showed up on Wednesday's episode of (The TV Show!) where she chatted through correspondent Jeremy Parsons about her latest film and also two youngsters Nahla Ariela, 13, and also son Maceo Robert, 8.

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Asked around the last time her youngsters made she proud or made she laugh, Berry says her child "makes me laugh every the time due to the fact that he dresses up in my shoes and also my clothes."

As for she daughter, Berry claims she recently uncovered out the the teenager is "getting every A's" and she "couldn't be an ext proud that her."

The actress share Maceo through ex-husband Olivier Martinez, who she break-up from in 2015, and daughter Nahla through ex Gabriel Aubry.

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halle Berry attends the 2021 AFI Fest official Screening of Netflix's "Bruised" in ~ TCL Chinese Theatre on November 13, 2021 in Hollywood, California.


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In the sheathe story because that the December worry of Women's Health, the star opened up about how her partnership with boyfriend Van Hunt influences her function as a mother.

Berry states her connection with Hunt, who she's to be dating due to the fact that last fall, has actually made her a "much better mother" come her two children.

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"I simply feel fulfilled. Ns feel happy in my life romantically, together a mother, together an artist," she says of she life through Hunt. "I'm a much much better mother in this circumstance 보다 I would have been had I continued to be in a romantic partnership that didn't serve me and also didn't make me feel the method I need to feel as a woman."

"I'm reminded the we always have to take care of oneself first, because I can't it is in a great mother because that my youngsters if I'm not fundamentally happy and feeling an excellent about myself," she adds.



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