Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together for over 30 years, among the many beloved couples in entertainment. Despite Kurt became a father figure to Goldie"s youngsters from a front relationship, Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson, the pair only had one boy together -- Wyatt Hawn Russell. Though he has actually now officially relocated over to the family business of functioning in Hollywood, initially Wyatt want to be a hockey player.

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It every started earlier when a 3-year-old Wyatt to be taken as much as Toronto v his parents as soon as his mommy was shoot a film. His dad took him come a local skating rink for something come do and he was automatically hooked.

"It actually is my very first vivid memory. The emotion of the glide, i loved it," Russell told the NHL. "My dad went up to the ticket counter and asked how much to buy skates. I went home and also he put me in a organization when i was 4. It to be the only thing I wanted to do."

Oliver Hudson, from ago row left, kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson and also Wyatt Russell, and from front row left, Rio Hudson, Ryder Robinson, Bodhi Hawn Hudson, Wilder Brooks Hudson and Bingham Hawn Bellamy come at Goldie"s Love In For kids on Friday, might 6, 2016, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Wyatt Russell grew up play hockey nonstop come the point that his family also moved indigenous Los Angeles, California come Vancouver once Wyatt was in high school so the he could play because that the Richmond Sockeyes of the Pacific small Hockey League. He even played hockey in ~ the university of Alabama-Huntsville prior to playing professionally in Europe. Unfortunately, his expert hockey career playing goalie to be cut quick due come a i know well injury as soon as he was only 24, so lucky for him, exhilaration was his backup plan.

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Though we all recognize his renowned parents, Wyatt states that Goldie and Kurt had actually a strictly boundary in between work and home life once he was cultivation up.

"My parents are actors and never brought work home. I didn"t even know what castle did till I was about 10 years old. We never talked around it."

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You"d think the being the boy of kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn would certainly come through a ton of inside secrets but the actor told Times Colonist that his parents had some very simple advice for his new career path: "Learn her lines. Show up ~ above time. And don"t it is in a jerk."

Wyatt had actually made tiny appearances in a pair of his father"s movies as a child -- Escape indigenous L.A. and also Soldier, yet he really relocated his means up in Hollywood to get to wherein he is today. He started with small roles in This is 40, Cowboys & Aliens, and also 22 jump Street. That went top top to appear in Everybody desires Some!!, Ingrid walk West, and also the fear film Overlord.

Though he had previously been married once to a woman he met overseas playing hockey, Wyatt met his present wife Meredith Hagner on the set of the 2016 filmFolk Hero & Funny Guy.Hagner is conveniently recognizable from certification in multipleHallmarkChristmas films and also the TV showSearch Party.RememberA Gift wrapped ChristmasandMy Christmas Love? Hallmark classics! ~ a couple of years that dating, the couple was married in Aspen, Colorado in 2019. They also recently invited their very first child together, a infant boy called Buddy Prine Russell.

After years of difficult work, that seems favor Wyatt is close come making it to the big leagues favor his parents. He landed a lead duty on the Disney Plus and also Marvel Studios series, The Falcon and also the Winter Soldierplaying the brand-new Captain America, man Walker.Fans had mixed feelings around Russell stepping into Chris Evans" shoes together "The Cap" was among the most popular characters in the Marvel cinematic universe. But I personally think the did a good job and had part funny moments that really reminded girlfriend of a young Kurt.

This wasn"t his first time ~ above a TV present either. Russell previously starred together Dud onLodge 49as fine as appeared onBlack MirrorandThe go Dead: The Oath.

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It simply goes to show that -- also if her parents room celebs -- you need to work hard and actually have talent to do it. Together longtime fans of Kurt and Goldie, we can"t wait to check out where Wyatt"s job takes that next.