GEORGE CLOONEY was well-known as one of Hollywood"s many eligible bachelors for many years - yet he has actually since resolved down. Yet has he had actually children?


How many kids does George Clooney have? (Image: Getty)


George Clooney and also Talia Balsam (Image: Getty)

On June 6, 2017, Amal provided birth to Ella and also Alexander, who are turning four-years-old this year.

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George has spoken a great deal around his love the parenthood, especially teaching his children naughty pranks for this reason they deserve to truly beaudioeditorfree.comme a chip off the old block.

He stated to people magazine: “I’m already trying to teach my children dirty tricks. Prefer the peanut butter ~ above the tennis shoes move.

“You walk into a party through peanut butter on your tennis shoe, and also you look at around and ask anyone if it smells choose crap, and then you reach down and also you in reality taste the peanut butter turn off of your shoe through your finger.


George Clooney and also Lisa Snowdon (Image: Getty)

“That will really throw world up. That’s a turbulent one."

Speaking in ~ the Toronto film Festival, he likewise spoke of exactly how he wishes to bestow great values on his children, given both he and also Amal are really politically energetic and affiliated in ethical campaigns.

He said: “Just since you take place to have actually been born into a kind of lucky instance in plenty of ways, certainly not into poverty and also into some location of luxury, you want to make certain they’re empathetic and audioeditorfree.commpassionate.

“That they find out all the points I was taught together a young man around how we’re just successful together a nation as the human being who are the very least successful.

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George and also Amal Clooney (Image: Getty)


“I think that’s walking to be a challenge, to audioeditorfree.comnstantly repeat our children that being born in one location doesn’t provide you the appropriate to just disregard everyone else’s difficulties.”

He additionally admitted his friends thought it was ‘funny’ once he admitted that was having actually children, provided that was no an expectation also he had.

Before meeting and marrying Amal, George to be married to actress Talia Balsam indigenous 1989 to 1993.

George has talked of his remorse at their marriage, when saying: “I probably – definitely – wasn"t someone that should have actually been married at that point."


He has additionally said the didn’t provide Talia a ‘fair shot,’ perhaps due to the time of your nuptials.

After this, George was a notorious bachelor that dated a variety of famous women, audioeditorfree.comnsisting of Cameron Diaz, Lisa Snowdon and also Elvis’ previous girlfriend Linda Thompson.

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