The singer, 42, called reporters throughout a TCA panel for her new Fox singing competition collection The Four top top Thursday the while she wasn’t thinking of widening her family anytime soon, she wasn’t fully closed turn off to the idea.

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“You never know. I never say never. It’s absolutely a new year and also the scenarios are — new!” Fergie said. “So, right currently I’m no thinking around that due to the fact that I’ve acquired so lot on mine plate and also I’m just trying to be the best Mom for my small Punky Pie — That’s what I speak to him — He’s my little Punky Pie — I call him Punky, because he loves pumpkin pie!”

The previous Black Eyed Peas member is currently mother come 4-year-old kid Axl Jack Duhamel, who she shares v actor and also ex mock Duhamel.

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“As any kind of hard-working mom knows, the is a vulnerable balancing act that I need to be juggling all of the time through the different schedules, the family schedules, the job-related schedules, I’m constantly having actually to have actually boundaries, make sure that all of those hours are in and it’s a well balanced lifestyle due to the fact that I’ve got so much on mine plate that occasionally I’m just a exhausted Mom!” she said.

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Fergie said she keeps a Google calendar that is color-coordinated to assist her manage her liven career in addition to her obligations as a parent.

“Spending time v Axl, simply he and also I is various than having a play date and also him being about other children so that’s obtained to balance out as well,” she explained. “They’re various dynamics to each of the categories.There’s never ever a dull moment, let’s put it that way, for this reason if you’re a human being that likes excitement than you will certainly be very busy.”

She added, “I’ve always worked all my life for this reason I kind of have acquired used to balancing and also trying to balance the all. The point that i would favor to get an ext of in 2018 is a tiny bit more me time, simply to chill.”

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