Chad Johnson, additionally known under the surname Chad Ochocinco (in 2008 he decided to change his name from Johnson come Ochocinco, however in 2011 the male canceled the change and changed his birth name), was married to Evelyn Lozada during three months only. Lozada has a difficult memory that this marriage.

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Chad began to beat American football throughout his years in Santa Monica College. His talent of an athlete was obvious, and in 2001 he turned indigenous a university amateur right into a skilled player. The young male was drafted through the Cincinnati Bengals.

His wonderful career lasted from 2001 it rotates 2015. During these year Chad played because that 4 football teams and also was the participant that NFL team throughout 11 seasons.

He date Evelyn Lozada during just a month when the athlete suggest her with an high-quality engagement ring. Lock wedded ~ above July 4, 2012, and divorced 3 months later, ~ the case of domestic violence. Johnson to be arrested because that beating his young wife, and that scandal led to his dismissal native the Miami Dolphins.

Although Evelyn and Chad have actually no common kids, the guy fathers four youngsters from previous relationships. Currently, the is an occasional American football player and a coach.

Carl Crawford (ex-fiancée; baby father)

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Date of birth: respectable 5, 1981

Carl Crawford offered to it is in a professional baseball player. That was raised in Houston, TX. Carl practiced assorted kinds that sports during his years at Jefferson Davis High School. After ~ that, he determined to emphasis on baseball exclusively.

Crawford was drafted by the evil one Rays in 1999. During 18 year he played together a left fielder for various famous teams, such together Tampa just Rays, Los Angeles Dodgers and others. In 2016-2017 he was dismissed through Dodgers and announced the intention to retire.

He began dating a fact TV star Evelyn Lozada in July 2013. The actress gained pregnant indigenous him, and also that influenced the man to suggest her in December that very year. In 2014 they invited a young Carl Leo. ~ 4 year of engagement, the athlete and also Basketball Wives star parted your ways.

In 2018 Carl welcomed one more child – a daughter Celine Crawford – with a renowned blogger. In general, he has actually 4 youngsters – 2 sons and two daughters.


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Date that birth: June 16, 1993

Evelyn Lozada dated an unknown man in a high school and got pregnant native him. She had actually to battered her researching after the bear of her daughter Shaniece.

The girl was born in The Bronx. She is 25 together of now. She earns she living together a blogger, fitness guru and model. Shaniece operation a beauty salon, too. She join her occupational with motherhood – she bring up a son.

Hairston increased to fame as a reality TV actress. She co-starred her mother in the collection “Livin’ Lozada”, which was on air throughout 2 seasons.

Carl Leo Crawford (son)

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Date that birth: march 22, 2014

Carl Leo is the only typical son the the truth TV star and also author Evelyn Lozada and also LA Dodgers player (former) Carl Crawford. The boy obtained his an initial and second name ~ his father (the baseball star’s Zodiac authorize is Leo).

He was born on beforehand Saturday morning and weighed astonishing 8 pounds. His mother and also father separated once he was simply 3, but Leo stays associated with both of his parents. The young has already started to play baseball just like his father.

Who space Evelyn Lozada parents?

Nengo Lozada (father)

Nengo is the surname of Evelyn’s father, through whom she has contradictory relationships. It’s tough to tell, that Nengo has never been the component of his daughter’s life since he tried to stay in touch through her after ~ his divorce from his daughter’s mother. But his existence in Lozada’s life wasn’t regular, and also the actress thinks, she wrong decisions as for some males in she life to be made because of lack of her dad’s care.

Sylvia Ferrer (mother)

Date the birth: November 7, 1955

Evelyn Lozada‘s mom Sylvia is her ideal friend. The woman elevated her two daughters together a single parent. Till currently she resides in The Bronx. She is still really close come Evelyn. During countless years Sylvia Ferrer was searching for her father, who disappeared from she life once she was a baby. In November 2017 she ultimately reunited with her dad. Now the maternal grandfather is one inseparable part of Evelyn’s life.


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Evelyn Lozada’s face became famous after she appearance in the reality collection “Basketball Wives”, which was on air in 2010-2012 and also then was returned in 2017. The show was broadcasted by VH1 network. Lozada was one of the key participants ~ above the show. “Basketball Wives” prove the stays of 5 women, that either were married or were involved to NBA stars.

Evelyn is a person of a daunting fate. She spent her childhood years in brand-new York borough. Her parents separated as soon as she to be still a kid, and she was carried up through a single mother. Evelyn has actually a sister.

Lozada didn’t end up high school, since she acquired pregnant indigenous a man, whose name is no publicized. She provided birth to her an initial kid – a daughter – in the at an early stage 1990s. Lozada and her daughter relocated to Miami in 2007. After that Evelyn uncovered a job a secretary in ~ an entertainment lawyer’s office. She co-owned a shoes shop, too.

During 10 years she remained in relationships through an NBA player Antoine Walker, return the pair has never ever been married officially. That gave her a right to end up being a member the the present “Basketball Wives”, which in reality made she a star.

After separation native Mr. Walker, she was soon married come an American football player Chad Johnson. In 2013 she gave birth to a child Carl Leo, whose father is a baseball player Carl Crawford.

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Interesting and fun factsIn 2013 she to visit prom with a high institution student Anthony Nelson. Anthony invite Evelyn v Twitter, and also she i agree to be his pair because she let go her own prom and also wanted to gain compensation in ~ the period of 37.At the age of 10, she obtained her very first job – at Hallmark. The girl was paid, yet not v cash – she obtained stickers together a salary.In her childhood years, she had actually 10 hamsters and also a cat, called Gorgeous.She is a huge lover the Spanish cuisine.She still adores Barbie dolls.