You might not establish it, however Elvis Presley"s granddaughter is one of Hollywood"s most in-demand gibbs at the moment. Riley Keough, Presley"s earliest grandchild, has appeared in a variety of hit movies and is at this time starring in the buzzed-about Zola, which was just released on June 30. Yet Riley isn"t Elvis" just grandchild; Elvis and also his wife Priscilla Presley invited one child together, their daughter Lisa Marie Presley, and she go on to have actually four youngsters of she own. Sadly, Lisa Marie"s life has been significant by tragedy. Not only did she shed her father when she was young, but she recently shed one the her very own children, that was only 27 once he died.

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Read on to discover out an ext about Elvis Presley"s grandchildren and also to view his 3 granddaughters now.

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Lisa Marie welcomed daughter Riley and son Benjamin Keough through her very first husband, musician Danny Keough, that she to be married to from 1988 come 1994. After starting out as a model during her teens, Riley transitioned into acting and has developed a really successful career. She"s appeared in movies including The Runaways, Magic Mike, Mad Max: fury Road, and It comes at Night. Her power on the TV series The girlfriend Experience earned her a gold Globe nomination in 2017.

More recently, she"s starred in the movies The Lodge, The devil All the Time, and also Zola, and she is about to beat the location character in the miniseries adaptation that the novel Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. She"s also learning guitar and beginning to song for the role.

Lisa Marie married Michael Lockwood in 2006, and in 2008, they welcomed fraternal pair daughters named Harper and also Finley. Lisa Marie and also Lockwood then split in 2016.

Lisa Marie occasionally shares updates about herself and also her daughters ~ above Instagram. Last year, she mutual that she and also the pair were fostering puppies. In 2019, she posted around a time the whole family went the end for tea at The Plaza Hotel together. An ext recently, in February the this year, she common a picture of herself with all 3 daughters while thanking fans because that wishing she a happy birthday. "Thank you for every one of the overwhelming birthday wishes indigenous everyone," she wrote. "Like everyday, i couldn"t have actually made it with without these three by my side."

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In July 2020, Elvis" just grandson Benjamin passed away in what to be ruled a self-destruction at 27 year old. In one Oct. 2020 article on Instagram, Lisa Marie marked what would have actually been her son"s 28th birthday.

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"My beautiful beautiful angel, I worshipped the ground girlfriend walked on, on this earth and also now in Heaven. My heart and soul went through you. The depth that the ache is suffocating and bottomless there is no you every minute of every day," she wrote, adding, "Please wait for me my love, and hold my hand when I continue to be to continue to protect and raise your small sisters and also to be right here for Riley."

Recently, nearly a year ~ Benjamin"s death, Riley post an Instagram story in his honor. "A year back this morning to be the last time I acquired to see you," Riley wrote together with a photo of her and also her brother. "I didn"t hug friend properly because I thought you had COVID. I wish I"d hugged you properly. I miss you every day."

In a 2014 interview v Healthy Living magazine, before Benjamin"s death, Lisa Marie opened up about raising her 4 kids. "I just smother lock in love and I am likewise ferociously protective," she said. "They are my priority. That"s what i do. That"s what I treatment most about. I store them close to me and also make sure they are happy and also healthy." She added, "The older ones absolutely adore the younger ones and also they assist me through them. Us all type of organize each other up; we are all each other"s ideal friends. I"m theirs but I am likewise their mother."

In might 2019, Lisa Marie shared a sweet moment in between Riley and also her tiny sisters on Instagram. Because that Riley"s 30th birthday, Lisa Marie gave her a record of herself singing Elton John"s "Tiny Dancer," i beg your pardon she dubbed their track together. But, second surprise was that Finley and also Harper were part of the song, too. Lisa Marie composed that the gift "was emotionally enough. Yet the bigger surprised was when the chorus kicks in that her sister singing." In the video, you have the right to see Riley conquer with emotion as soon as she hears her sister singing follow me on the recording.

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