When Wolfgang van Halen announced the death of his father, absent star Eddie van Halen, ~ above Twitter, among the an initial responses came from a woman near and dear to them both. Actress Valerie Bertinelli tweeted a string of broken heart emojis in response. Bertinelli and also Eddie valve Halen were married because that twenty years, and also raised their child Wolfgang with each other (via Oprah). Bertinelli and also Van Halen be separated in 2001 and divorced in 2007. However, the two stayed friends, also after their relationship ended.

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When Bertinelli and Van Halen started dating, their relationship was puzzling to some. What did the an excellent girl sitcom star check out in the bad boy rocker? in ~ first, she just thought he to be cute. After her brothers invite her come a van Halen show, Bertinelli wasn"t certain whether to sign up with them...until she observed a picture of the band. "I took a look at the 8-track cassette that was in the back of my Corvette ... And also I witnessed a picture of Ed, and also I went, "Oh, yeah, I"ll it is in going. He"s a cutie,"" she told Oprah.

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When Valerie Bertinelli i ordered it a backstage introduction to Eddie van Halen, the chemistry was immediately apparent. Valve Halen"s manager, Noel E. Monk, remembers their conference in his book, Runnin" v the Devil. "It was sort of cute to watch them together— they to be both plainly nervous and also somewhat reticent," Monk wrote. "This struck me as a authorize of genuine chemistry. After ~ all, Valerie had spent most of her life in front of a camera or audience; she was fully comfortable with all manner of public interaction. And also yet, below she was, stammering and blushing favor a schoolgirl in the visibility of the captain that the soccer team" (via Country Living).

For his part, van Halen was equally smitten. Despite his absent star persona, Monk reports that "In the visibility of this young woman, however, the absent star facade melted away." in spite of their instant connection, their connection soon became troubled.

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Van Halen and Bertinelli collection a wedding date for 1981, simply a couple of months after they"d met (via Oprah). However, difficulties soon arose. A groupie accused valve Halen the fathering she child, though a paternity test ultimately proved an unfavorable (via Daily Mail). Monk report in Runnin" v the Devil the the morning of their wedding day, van Halen was so drunk the his bride held ago his hair in she wedding dress together he threw increase (via Country Living).

Bertinelli insists valve Halen"s habits wasn"t the only issue. In her memoir, Losing It, she wrote, "The priest us tapped to execute the ceremony gave us questionnaires so he might get to recognize us much better and offer much more personal words. As we filled out the forms at home, we each organized a tiny vial the cocaine. Now, if friend ask me, those room not two people who should be making decisions about the remainder of their lives" (via Oprah).

Bertinelli and also Van Halen"s marital relationship didn"t get any kind of easier over time. Once she wasn"t filming One Day at a Time, Bertinelli tried to save up v her husband"s absent star way of living with minimal success (via Oprah). Though Bertinelli ultimately gave up partying, van Halen continued to battle with cocaine seeks (via Today). Beyond the drugs, they had actually trouble connecting together they both fulfilled their job-related obligations, periodically apart. "He had his obligations of what he had actually to do, and I had my responsibilities," she called Oprah. "And we assumed if you simply live in the same residence there would be a connection, however no." Infidelity also played a part, ~ above both sides.

In 2001, the pair separated. Bertinelli claims her motivation was her son. "One that the countless reasons that Ed and I separation up is to give Wolfie a much better vision of what two civilization who are supposedly in love act each other like. Ed and also I weren"t dealing with each other like two world that loved each other, and also that"s what Wolfie to be seeing," she said Oprah.

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Not everyone would certainly feel comfortable inviting their celebrity ex to your wedding. Yet after your divorce, Eddie van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli composed their own rules. In 2009, van Halen wed Janie Liszewski, through Wolfgang serving as ideal man and Bertinelli in attendance (via People). In 2011, once Bertinelli wed Tom Vitale, valve Halen brought Liszewski to clock the awareness (via People). They still had fun together, which to be clear in a photo of the 2 goofing roughly with their child on Wolfgang"s Instagram.

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The pair didn"t simply support each other through the good times. Bertinelli made certain to visit valve Halen if he to be in treatment for cancer (via Vancouver Sun). Bertinelli apparently fussed end Van Halen"s hair and also tried to make sure he to be comfortable. Being there for each other even after you"ve broken up? That"s real love.