Television star Duane "Dog" Chapman can definitely relate to Steve Martin and also his dozen! That"s right, the Dog the Bounty Hunter star is father to a rowdy wolf pack — 12 children to be exact. When fathering a brood as large as his is no simple task, we understand Dog is always up because that a challenge, and with Dog"s big heart, over there is lot of of love to walk around.

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"I started once I was 15, having actually children... And also so, my kids are my life," Dog told In Touch Weekly in November 2020 while gushing about his upcoming nuptials through his fiancée Francie Frane. The couple got engaged just 10 month after Dog"s late wife Beth Chapman"s long fight with throat cancer and catastrophic death. Dog has actually been an extremely vocal around dealing with grief ~ Beth"s death, but he said Francie has actually been basic in helping him and also his youngsters heal. 

"I just needed a Francie alongside my side to aid me make it," the told the outlet the vault month. As because that his kids, "Francie is there for them. She"s not their mom, but she"s help a lot due to the fact that she is a mother. Every day, girlfriend know, I shot to speak to every among my kids... And also some days, it"s tough for them and some days, it"s less tough," that explained. "If we might make she come home, we would certainly all execute that every little thing it costs." keep scrolling for more details around Dog"s 12 pups.

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In enhancement to Duane "Dog" Chapman"s 12 kids, that will become stepfather to two more sons indigenous fiancée Francie Frane"s previous marriage. Luckily, the told In Touch that the boys room "avid hunters," so that looks like they have something in common. With Beth Chapman, the pair shared two children together, Bonnie and Gary. Dog also adopted Beth"s daughter through her ex-husband, Cecily Barmore-Chapman, per Page Six.

Before Francie and also Beth, Dog to be married to Tawny Marie Chapman yet the pair didn"t have children together, follow to his 2008 book You have the right to Run yet You Can"t Hide. Front of his marriage to Tawny, Dog was wed come Lyssa Rae Brittain and also they common three children: Barbara, who died in a automobile accident, Tucker, and also Lyssa. Additionally, Dog was married come Ann Tegnell for a issue of months in 1980. Throughout that time, lock welcomed two kids, Zebadiah, who died shortly after birth, and Wesley. They summary reconciled and welcomed a third son, James. Dog"s first marriage was to La Fonda Sue Darnell in 1972 and also over their 5 years together, they welcomed sons Duane Lee and also Leland. Lastly, Duane had his very first child Christopher Michael Hecht with his high school girlfriend Debbie White, yet the young was adopted and raised by the Hecht family. While the sounds favor it have the right to be difficult to store track of every one of his children, Dog claimed he do the efforts "everyday" come "talk to every one of my kids."