Since climbing to fame, Denzel Washington has actually cemented his status as among Hollywood’s many iconic actors. But for the star, he’s produced a an ext meaningful tradition as the father of his kids, John, Katia, Malcolm and also Olivia.

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Denzel shares his four youngsters with his wife, Pauletta Washington. The Equalizer actor and the Wilma actress married in 1983 and started their household the following year once their eldest son, John, come in 1984. John’s birth was adhered to by Katia in 1987, and also their twins, Malcolm and Olivia, in 1991.


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The Training Day actor to be fortunate sufficient to give his kiddos everything they wanted as soon as they were cultivation up, yet Denzel and Pauletta no raise their children to it is in spoiled. The film symbol said castle tried come instill “positive influences” in John, Katia, Malcolm and also Olivia.

“In ours case: church, school, humility, volunteering … the prominence of help others,” he told the Guardian in 2010. “My children are an excellent people. They space not perfect, yet they are generous and humble and also kind.”


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Considering Denzel was juggling his role as a dad while starring in showbiz, he credited Pauletta for offering their children the most “normal life” possible. “My wife’s excellent a good job. She’s been the continual one,” the told Reader’s Digest in respectable 2020.

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“If you have actually kids, you know there is no style! the a hybrid,” the Academy compensation winner continued. “It’s what my wife and I learned from ours parents, and also applying religious instruction, discipline, athletic task and scholastic excellence anytime possible.”


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Even despite Denzel and Pauletta skilled bumps in the road like every various other parent, they are proud of just how well their kiddos turned out. Feather back, the American Gangster star’s child John is super appreciative that his dad’s education techniques.

“I think youngsters are born good. Yet a boy doesn’t understand right from wrong, so ethical instruction is important,” he told the Guardian. “I remember mine eldest young saying ‘Dad, I constantly thought you were so strictly ― currently I appreciate it.’ complimentary will have the right to be a double-edged sword. Through the age of 21, my son could see that.”

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John David Washington

Denzel and Pauletta’s eldest son, John, was born ~ above July 28, 1984. John started his career together a soccer player as soon as he attend Morehouse College. In 2006, he was signed with the St. Luigi Rams as an undrafted complimentary agent in the NFL, but he continued playing football in one more league as soon as he to be released that same year.

By the at an early stage 2010s, John started his trip in showbiz. Aside from his duty of Ricky Jerret ~ above Ballers, i beg your pardon he appeared on for four years till 2019, john has also been cast in BlacKkKlansman, Love win Rhymes and also The Old man & the Gun.

There’s no doubt man is ~ above his way to paving a career like the acting legend, but he was when reluctant to follow in his dad’s famed footsteps. Even though the actor “always wanted to carry out what” Denzel did, he decided to go after football in are afraid he would certainly fail in Hollywood.

“I jumped in and also hid in this soccer persona, this athlete, literally putting on a helmet come hide my face, hide mine identity,” he explained to WSJ in January 2021. So rather of complying with his dreams, man signed together an undrafted free agent and also played four years as the running ago for the united Football League’s Sacramento mountain Lions.

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John at some point gave increase football to seek his longtime exhilaration career, and in 2015, he landed a starring function on HBO’s Ballers. If talking through WSJ, john dished the factor he no tell Denzel around his audition.

“I just wanted come prove come myself the I could do it,” the explained. “I’ll never ever forget just how he expressed just how proud he to be of me. The was a great moment for me.”