Former NBA star Dennis Rodman was one of the biggest names in the organization in the late ’80s and throughout the ’90s. He was a member that the Detroit bad Boys when he played v the Pistons and also later joined forces with superstars Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen on the Chicago Bulls.

Some words that have the right to be used to explain Rodman are eccentric, erratic, and constantly interesting. Review on to uncover out an ext about among the many colorful characters to ever before play the game including how many times he’s to be married, how many children he has, and also the whopping number of children his very own dad has fathered.

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Michael Jordan and also Dennis Rodman | JEFF HAYNES/AFP via Getty Images

During that time that married his 3rd wife, Michelle Moyer. Castle walked down the aisle in 2003. Moyer filed because that divorce in 2004. The two tried to work things the end for number of years yet to no avail. Your divorce to be finalized in 2012.

How many youngsters does that have?

The athlete has three children. One through Bakes and two v Moyer.

Rodman and Bakes’ daughter, Alexis, was born in 1988. Rodman had actually a variety of legal issues and struggled v alcohol addiction once Alexis was a child yet they have a good relationship today. In 2017, he came to be a grandfather when Alexis provided birth to a son called Vincent.

Rodman’s son, DJ, to be born in 2000 followed by his second daughter, Trinity, in 2001.

After celebrating 30 days of sobriety in 2018, Rodman said his an inspiration to stay sober to be to check out DJ and also Trinity attain their desires in basketball and soccer. DJ is a forward because that the Washington State Cougars and also Trinity is a member of the United says Women’s national Team.

“I want to see my children grow up,” the five-time NBA champion previously toldPage Six. “I just needed to protect against partying, take it a action back, and get mine life back in order…A lot of people connect me v partying and also being a poor boy, yet now i am obtaining up in age, so i felt it to be time step back and come re-evaluate mine life.”