Denise Richards has actually two kids, Sami and Lola, through ex-husband Charlie Sheen, and also a third child, Eloise, the she embraced after the stars break-up up.

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Denise Richards, 50, is a proud mom to 3 daughters: Sami Sheen, 17, Lola increased Sheen, 16, and Eloise Joni Richards. The actress andReal Housewives the Beverly Hillsalum invited her eldest two daughters throughout her high-profile marital relationship to Charlie Sheen, i beg your pardon lasted indigenous 2002 come 2005. A couple of years after she drama-filled break-up from Charlie, Denise adopted daughter Eloise as a solitary parent. Denise has due to the fact that gotten remarried to Aaron Phypers, and also together the couple are now Eloise’s legal parents.

As fans know, Denise’s partnership with Charlie to be tumultuous, both during and also after your marriage. Recently, Charlie to be granted approval through a judge to no much longer paychild assistance for Sami and also Lola. This legal advancement came after Sami reportedly moved in v Charlie as result of adisagreement “over her mother’s rules.”Below, every little thing you must know about Denise Richards’ 3 children.

Sami Sheen


But in the year since, Sami has actually spent time through both she parents. She appeared onRHOBHwhen Denise was a main actors member on seasons 9 and 10 that the struggle Bravo series. As for Charlie, the Two and a half Menactor was checked out in a photograph atSami’s 17th birthday, alongside Lola and also Denise. Sami’s bond v her father even transpired to the teen’s current decision tomove in through her father. A resource told in September, “Sami is a teenager, that didn’t prefer her mother’s rules. Like any mother and household, there space rules in Denise’s. She and Charlie have various rules and styles that parenting and also didn’t check out eye to eye. Sami chose she liked Charlie’s rules far better and wanted to go and live v her father, where she at this time is staying. Denise is extremely saddened by every one of this, yet knows she is act her finest as a mother.”

Lola rose Sheen

Denise Richards v daughter Lola (Photo: MBB Images/BEI/Shutterstock)

Lola, Denise and also Charlie’s second child together, was born on June 1, 2005. When Denise was pregnant v Lola, she had actually filed the restraining order versus Charlie. Lola was much less than 2 years old once her parents to be officially divorced. In the following years, Lola, like Sami, watch spent most of she time living v Denise, while additionally seeing Charlie ~ above occasion. However both girls started spending an ext time through their famed dad as time go on, culminating in Sami recently moving in with her dad permanently. Lola, meanwhile, has actually been claimed to be separating her time evenly in between her parents.

“Lola splits time between both Charlie and also Denise’s homes,” our insider said, “but Denise has actually been the major caretaker because that the girls for years. Denise is very saddened by all of this. She’s one incredible mother who loves she kids and also would perform anything in the people for them.”

Eloise Joni Richards

Denise Richards v daughter Eloise (Photo: Broadimage/Shutterstock)

Over 4 year after Denise separation from Charlie, the actress determined to adopt a 3rd child, daughter Eloise.Denise embraced Eloise at birth adhering to a two-year-long process, and also gave her the middle name Joni ~ Denise’s mother. Eloise has Chromosome 8, Monosomy 8p, a rarechromosomal disorder that reasons developmental delays.

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Denise previously gushed over she youngest boy in a may 2021 interview through “We’ve grown v her due to the fact that she was a baby,” Denise said. “But she’s a sweet small angel and also the happiest little girl and the littlest points make she so happy.” Denise also shared that Eloise to be nicknamed the “animal whisperer” because of her communication tactics through the family’s pets. “She communicates in other means with our animals. It is for this reason sweet and also so distinct to watch that relationship,” Denise said.

Denise initially raised Eloise solo, but that all readjusted when she married Aaron in September 2018. After a few months, Denise revealed the Aaron to be officially adopting Eloise as his own daughter. “He’s impressive as a daddy,” she stated onThe Talk in might 2019. “He’s amazing with mine daughters and he’s adopting mine youngest so it’s really great.”