Damon Dash and also his fiancée, Raquel Horn, welcomed their an initial child critical month — and Dash admits he’s currently getting a bit jealous.

“Quarantine is a perfect time to have actually a baby,” Dash claimed of life with their newborn, Dusko. But, “I wish I might be breast-fed. I’m lacking breast — that’s the problem, there’s no much more breast because that me it is my issue,” the hip-hop mogul lamented.

But, he stated of his son, “That’s the just other male that can gain those breasts indigenous me, therefore I’m an excellent with it, and also it’s because that a great cause — he deserve to have them.”

As much as his love life v his fiancée, he told web page Six, “I love the method she looked pregnant … the seems like she to be pregnant for a year-and-a-half, however all 10 months we were an extremely physical, and also now we need to go 6 weeks without it. That’s the roughest part.”

He figures, “Christmas will certainly make 6 weeks, so it is what I’ll be doing because that Christmas and also the holidays. Yet that’s what Raquel wants, too.”

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In the meantime, “I want my infant to be around my energy. Ns wanna watch every second. The baby has readjusted so lot I’m not absent one 2nd if possible,” he said.

He’s also looking front to the bear of some tasks he began with Kanye West in Wyoming over the summer.

“The Willy Wonka manufacturing facility is coming to life,” that told us. “We have a 150-page newspaper right now that we just finished. Us shot the on Kanye’s ranch. Now those things space edited. We’ve made movies — films and also short films. I haven’t spoken to Kanye in a while however everything is done.”

Dash also has two kids from his marriage to fashion designer Rachel Roy, as well as two an ext kids from two other previous relationships. He told web page Six that still desires to have two more.

“I’m mirroring them just how to stay in this bubble and expand the bubble,” he said of his offspring.

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“Just at 5 main old, infant Dusko currently has his own apparel line … he has actually onesies, socks and T-shirts, blankets, everything is organic. Dusko already did a photoshoot.”