Craig and his wife, Karen, share five children: daughters Marissa and Alexandra “Aly,” and also sons Kyle, Jerry, and Wyatt. Sadly, Jerry passed away in 2016 at the period of 19.

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His pass led Craig to create his existing single, “The Father, mine Son, and also the divine Ghost.”

As you have the right to tell from that song, household is every little thing to Craig. For this reason you have the right to imagine the happiness he feeling on Tuesday (November 19) as soon as his daughter Aly gave birth to a beautiful infant girl!

Aly presented her child daughter on Instagram, revealing the her surname is Winnie Fox. She stated Winnie arrived on 11:41 pm on November 19 and weighed 6 lbs, 5 oz.

The snapshot Aly shared additionally shows she son, Cruze. “Cruze is currently the best large Brother,” Aly wrote.

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Craig shared the same photograph on his very own Instagram, just writing, “Pure love,” in the caption.

Then, top top Friday (November 22), Craig mutual a picture of himself holding Winnie. The photo showed up in his Instagram Story, and also he wrote “Winnie Fox” turn off to the side.

Craig have the right to be watched beaming in ~ the camera together he hold the newborn in his arms…it’s clear he’s a proud grandpa!

Craig Morgan / Instagram

Being a grandparents is something Craig has took pleasure in ever due to the fact that Cruze was born. In 2016, he introduced a then-baby Cruze to the crew that Fox & Friends, and spoke around what it was favor being a brand-new grandpa.

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It’s weird,” Craig said. “I don’t feel choose I’m old enough. But it’s awesome!”

We’re sure Craig thinks being a grandpa is extra awesome currently that he has actually a brand-new granddaughter. You deserve to see much more photos of Winnie Fox below.

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