Chuck Norris might be recognized for his martial art skills, but he is additionally a family man. The gibbs has showed up in several activity films and has make a surname for himself as among the most bankable actors, with plenty of of his movies receiving critical acclaim.

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When the 80-year-old isn’t fighting villains, the is hanging out with his children. Read on to uncover out more about the legendary actor’s personal life and also children.


Chuck Norris | penis Loek/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Norris’s early on life

Norris to be born on in march 10, 1940, in Ryan, Oklahoma, to ray Dee and Wilma Norris. His father to be a bus driver, a mechanic, a van driver, and a people War II military soldier. The actor has actually two brother Aaron and also Wieland. As soon as Norris to be 16, his parents gained divorced, and also he and his brothers relocated come Kansas, climate California v their mother.

The martial artist described his childhood as a downbeat one. He to be shy, non-athletic, and also didn’t perform well in school. His dad was also an alcoholic who might binge ~ above alcohol for many months. Norris was embarrassed through his father’s drinking and also his family’s gaue won situation, and also as a result, that resorted to maintaining to himself.

Norris got an interest in martial arts while in the waiting Force

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In 1958, Norris enlisted in the United says Air Force. He acquired deployed come Osan, south Korea, and while there, he gained nicknamed Chuck. He likewise began finding out Tang Soo Do and also eventually gained interested in black color belts. This attention led the to create Chun Kuk Do.

When his service ended in 1962, Norris applied to be a police officer in California. When he to be still on the waitlist, he opened up a martial art studio. To promote the studio, the gibbs went ~ above fights and also martial arts competitions to show the art.

Norris climate fought versus the likes of Skipper Mullins, Joe Lewis, and Allen Steen. In 1972, he showed up in Bruce Lee’s film Way the the Dragon playing Lee’s nemesis. The movie to be well-received and also grossed a whopping $5,307,350 in Hong Kong, beating Lee’s previous movies Fist the Fury and also The big Boss.

Way that the Dragon grossed a complete of $130 million in its international run and set the martial artists on his means to stardom. In 1974, Norris received encouragement native his student and also friend Steven McQueen come take acting classes. McQueen had actually been observing Norris and also realized that the martial art tutor had actually potential.

Norris began acting professionally through a starring role in the low spending plan 1977 film Breaker! Breaker! in ~ the time, Norris had gotten tired of exhilaration in martial arts films and wanted to job-related in a movie that had a story arc. That felt the he required to carry out a movie wherein the activity would take place in the best segment. Breaker! Breaker! did particularly well.

Norris has since appeared in several films such together The Octagon, A pressure of One, an Eye for an Eye, and Silent Rage. That is possibly famously well-known for his duty on Walker, Texas Ranger, as Cordell Walker, which ran for eight seasons from 1993 come 2001.

Norris is the doting dad of five

In 1958 Norris, who was 18, tied the knot with his high institution sweethearts Dianne, that was 17. In 1962 the couple welcomed their very first son, Mike. In 1964, he invited his 2nd son Eric. After having been married for 30 years, Dianne and also Norris separated in 1988 and divorced in 1989.

While Norris was still married come Dianne, he had an affair with a lady named Joanna, that bore a child, Dina, without his knowledge, follow to IMDb. Dina accidentally learned around her father once she was 16 yet waited for 10 years prior to approaching Norris.

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The 80-year-old actor remarried in 1998 to Gena O’Kelley, and the couple welcomed twins, Dakota Allan and also Danilee Kelly, 3 years right into their marriage. Norris is additionally the proud grandfather to 13 grandchildren.