Chris Stapleton is a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter known for not only writing hit song for various other people yet for writing and also performing his own music.

After years of functioning in the music sector as a effective songwriter, Stapleton attracted public attention once he performed alongside Justin Timberlake in ~ the 2015 country Music Awards to sing “Say Something.” due to the fact that then Stapleton’s released two studio albums and won 5 Grammys. Yet through that all, he’s had actually his wife, Morgane, through his side. Ahead, learn much more about Stapleton’s family. 

Chris and also Morgane Stapleton met in 2003

Born in Kentucky, Stapleton moved to Nashville, Tenn., in 2001 to pursue a career as a songwriter. 2 years after relocating to the city that met his future wife, who went by her maiden surname of Morgane Hayes. Likewise a singer-songwriter, Morgane had actually a girlfriend who functioned with Stapleton. She’d often uncover herself sitting in the friend’s office waiting for Stapleton to walk by. 

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Chris and Morgane Stapleton in 2017 | stack Diamond/Getty photos for ACM

“We’d hear the jingle of his secrets as that walked under the hall, and we knew he to be coming to play us whatever brand-new song he had written,” Morgane told The Washington write-up in 2015. 

Getting with each other on a Friday night under the guise of creating a song ended up being their first date.

“Eventually the asked me to compose a track with him, and that ended up being our first date,” Morgane called the publication prior to adding, “We didn’t gain much writing done that night.”

They got married in 2007

Stapleton and also Morgane married four years later in 2007. Before the ceremony, the bride had the words “You space My Sunshine,” enrolled on the groom’s wedding ring. 

“That’s our story,” Stapleton later told rolling Stone. The Jimmie Davis track is one he and also Morgane frequently perform together on stage. 

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Not only are they married but they job-related together. Morgane combed with upwards that 1,000 songs composed by Stapleton to assist create the tracklist that ultimately became part of Traveller, Stapleton’s 2015 debut solo album. And she sings backup on she husband’s songs. 

For the many part, the couple gets along but that doesn’t median they don’t have actually the occasional argument. 

“Oh, us drive each other crazy as soon as in a while,” Morgane said. “But gift without each various other drives united state even more crazy.”

Chris Stapleton and also his wife room parents to 5 children

Stapleton and also Morgane space pretty private around their family life. As well as the occasional Instagram short article or a rare red carpet appearance, they keep their youngsters out of the general public eye.

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Chris Stapleton at the premiere that ‘Toy Story 4’ | VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

But here’s what we perform know about the nation music couple’s family. They have a son and also a daughter who are reportedly roughly the ages of 10 and 8, follow to country Living. And in 2018 in ~ the Academy of country Music Awards, host Reba McEntire announced the couple welcomed pair boys — born a month early — throughout the ceremony. The pair kept the surname of the babies private but did share a cute snapshot on Instagram. 

In Nov. 2018, Stapleton announced during a concert he and his wife were expecting an additional child. They became parents for the fifth time and also announced the come of their newest addition — another baby young — v an Instagram short article on may 12, 2019, complied with by one more adorable photo on may 29, 2019.