When Chip and Joanna Gaines walked far from your HGTV fight “Fixer Upper,” they take it a big career risk for therefore they might focus an ext on your family.

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In a sneak peek from their interview through Sunday audioeditorfree.com’s Willie Geist, they opened up about how that risk paid turn off — both personally and professionally. And also now, in another glimpse indigenous that very same chat, the home advancement duo emphasis on the opportunity of broadening their family.

Chip and also Joanna right now have five kids, young Drake, 14, Duke, 11, and Crew, 1, and daughters Ella, 13, and also Emmie, 9. However when Joanna spoke to Willie about business, Chip’s thoughts turned to infant ambitions.

“For me, it’s like, you’re never really losing,” Joanna listed of their technique to work. “If she going for it and also you’re moving forward, you can not lose. Even if it isn’t something you’re doing long term. Just that lesson and everything the you’re learning, those opportunities, i think, space the most valuable things.”

That’s as soon as a grinning Chip chimed in, revealing, “When you were saying all those things, mine heart simply burst open.”

At first, Joanna assumed he to be bursting with a sense of pride about her business philosophy but that no it.

“I median it in a much an ext romantic sense,” that said. “Like I have the right to see Crew having actually a tiny sibling, and also me gift like, ‘I love this woman!’ Right?”

For a moment, one exasperated Joanna turned to Willie because that help, but he insisted, “I didn’t bring it up! Chip’s pushing the agenda here.”

Alas, she knew no one had to bring up the object of babies to acquire Chip talking around adding another Gaines to their group.

“When ns 50, Chip’s going to want much more kids,” she said as she husband that 16 years laughed. “Just know, this is going to be the headline forever: ‘Jo’s pregnant. Again.’”

At the very least that’s the situation if he has actually anything come say about it.

He desires their family members to grow as huge as their Magnolia endeavors, which include a marketplace, magazine, books, house goods and a restaurant — and also will soon increase to incorporate a coffee shop, hotel and also television network.

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“I’m like, ‘I think we’ve got sufficient (businesses). Ns think we’re good,’” Joanna said. “That’s exactly how Chip is with children: ‘I just think we deserve to keep having actually them.’ i mean, i think Chip simply loves a full plate.”

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