You likely know about the Manson Family, the cult assumed to be behind 35 murders, including the slaying of actress Sharon Tate. Yet what around cult leader Charles Manson’s actual family members — and specifically, his children?

Manson, who died in 2017, had actually at least three biological sons, according to Newsweek: Charles Manson Jr., Charles Luther Manson, and also Valentine Michael Manson. Here’s what us know about them.

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Tragically, Charles Jr. — Manson’s kid with Rosalie Jean Willis — passed away by self-destruction in 1993. 

Charles Jr. Had changed his name to Jay White, acquisition his stepfather’s surname. He had a son called Jason Freeman, yet he continued to be out of Freeman’s life for this reason as no to tarnish his childhood, as CNN reported in 2012. “He just couldn’t let that go,” Freeman said at the time. “He couldn’t live the down. The couldn’t live down that his dad was.”

Details room scarcer about Charles Luther, Manson’s child with 2nd wife Leona Rae “Candy” Stevens, who has changed his name and dropped out of the spotlight, per Newsweek.

Valentine, meanwhile, changed his surname to Michael Brunner and spoke out around his upbringing in a 1993 KCBS-TV interview, during which he claimed he feeling no connection to Manson. 

"I was also young come remember anything method back in California, and also it’s really not component of mine life,” he explained. “There’s no factor to law me any kind of different 보다 the next guy just because of my organic father, and I think world do.”

The Los Angeles Times recorded up through Brunner in 2019, as soon as he was working in manufacturing and also living through a companion on 56 acre “somewhere in the landscape Midwest.”

In 1998, a Los Angeles musician named Matthew Roberts, who was adopted as a child, sought out his birth parents and found his organic mother life in Wisconsin. The mrs told Roberts the she met Manson in ~ an orgy in san Francisco in 1967, and also that she was certain he had impregnated her.

Believing the had uncovered his biological father, Roberts created to Manson and received a letter back from “Prisoner B33920,” who claimed he psychic the orgy and also Roberts’ organic mother.

But a DNA test organized by CNN in 2012 concluded that Roberts and Freeman, Manson’s grandchild, had no common biological ancestry.

“Now there’s no possibility of knowing who my father is,” a visibly shaken Roberts said CNN at the time. “That’s the just lead i had, so now I have no possibility of meeting or knowing my organic father.”

But in a 2017 interview with Radar Online, Roberts cast doubt top top the DNA test, saying it just proved the he wasn’t related to Freeman and also not that he wasn’t concerned Manson.

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At the time, he want to satisfy Manson challenge to face.

“Everybody has a unique and also special type of love for your progenitors also if they are different or disturbed or monsters,” that told the site. “Just him looking in ~ me and also me looking at him can be a pretty extensive experience. I’ve never recognized what it’s choose to lay eyes on my organic parents. That would certainly be a huge thing because that me.”

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