Perhaps best known for her duty as DJ Tanner in the ’80s/’90s sitcom Full House, Candace Cameron Bure ha come earlier into the general public eye in current years. She to be the leading actor in the freshly released Fuller House, which was a continuation of the original. She reprised her function as DJ Tanner, this time emulating she dad: a solitary parent through a community of friends and family to help. The actor even showed up on Dancing with the Stars, and also spoke highly of her household then. One of Candace Cameron Bure’s kids even looks enough like her that she can be her twin. Keep reading to learn more about her family.

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Candace Cameron Bure married young


Actress Candace Cameron Bure visits Hallmark’s “Home & Family.” | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Candace Cameron Bure acquired married when she was simply 20, only a year ~ she met her future husband. Valeri Bure to be a pro hockey player, and also a Full House co-star presented them. Dave Coulier, that played Uncle Joey ~ above Full House, took Cameron Bure to a hockey game. Once Valeri Bure caught her eye, Coulier helped introduce them. That remained in 1995. They walk on a day the next day, and were involved in less than a year.

Cameron and Bure have been together ever since, and also they’ve been married because that two and a fifty percent decades.

Candace Cameron Bure and also her husband have actually three children — and also her daughter, Natasha, is basically her twin

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Natasha Bure was born two years after Candace and also Valeri to be married, when Candace was 22 years old. She had a kid in 2000, whom they named Lev. In 2002, the couple welcomed their 2nd son, Maksim.

Natasha commemorated her 23rd birthday in august 2021, and fans had actually a couple of things come say around the pictures that Candace Cameron Bure common in honor of the event, follow to E! Online.

Cameron Bure common two picture of her and also Natasha together on she daughter’s birthday. In both, they were wearing similar clothes, and also fans love seeing it because they watch so lot alike. “My gosh, you look favor sisters,” one person wrote. Another said that they might both pass for 23 year old and also yet an additional fan said that uneven you knew i m sorry one was Natasha, you’d never guess i m sorry one was younger.

For the record, Candace Cameron Bure is 45.

Cameron Bure has actually no regrets around marrying young

It wasn’t till the youngsters were a small bit older that Cameron Bure went back to acting, however she had actually a couple of things to say about how she and also husband Valeri taken on things. The actor said that when she would work, she husband would action in to take care of things. That worked in reverse, too. Cameron Bure would step in and take treatment of the kids when Valeri worked. Lock switched off ago and forth as much as castle needed.

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She claims that sometimes, she has trouble disengaging through work and also focusing exclusively on her kids and husband. Like many working parents, it’s hard to avoid thinking around what demands to be excellent next and engage completely with family. Cameron Bure find a way to do it work, though.

Both she and her husband are practicing and also devout Christians. She credits your Christianity with keeping their marital relationship strong. She says that, as soon as they disagree, they try to uncover compromise and also direction in their faith. “It’s not around winning or losing,” she says, “but law this journey together.”

She likewise says the she honors her husband and puts that on a pedestal. By doing so, she says, she encourages him to it is in the finest husband and also father the he can be. In return, the does the very same for her. It appears to be working for them. In the meantime, we’ll be searching for many much more amazing family photos!

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