Out of all the characters Bruce Willis has depicted throughout his Hollywood career, nothing compares to the success he feels as the dad of his five kids. The Die Hard actor has excelled in his role as a devoted father, and also his love for his blended family members is obvious in every the cute picture they’ve taken end the years.

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Bruce is the dad that his 5 daughters through his marriages with Demi Moore and Emma Heming Willis. The Unbreakable alum and Demi skilled parenthood with each other after castle married in 1987. The former couple welcomed Rumer in 1988, scout in 1991 and also Tallulah in 1994, but they split six years later in 2000.


Following your divorce, Bruce date several well known women, including Brooke Burns, Aida Yespica and also Karen McDougal, before finding love v Emma. After marrying in 2009, the Sixth Sense star and the professional model expanded his family when your daughter Mabel arrived in 2012. Their 2nd child together, Evelyn, to be born in 2014.

As one actor, Bruce has showed up in many of dramatic films like Live totally free or die Hard, Red and also Armageddon, among others, yet when he’s approximately his daughters, he’s a “totally silly,” guy, Emma solely told Closer in April 2017. An ext importantly, “he is a great father” to your girls, Mabel and Evelyn.


Though Bruce has had actually his hands full with his younger kiddos, he hasn’t missed the end on any type of time with Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. In fact, the golden Globe winner, as well as ex-wife Demi, spent much more than a month with each other in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. At the time, the previous duo’s daughter Scout opened up up about life in lockdown v her divorce mom and dad.

“It’s been really funny both of my parental in the residence where they increased us, which has been really cute,” she shared during an figure on the “Dopey” podcast in April 2020. “They’re both such nerdy, adorable, ’90s parents in a small town whereby they determined to have their kids and also not be in L.A. It’s to be pretty cute. … that some divine timing too, of gaining this much time to hang out with them.”


Since splitting, Demi and Bruce have done one incredible task putting their distinctions aside for the services of their kids. This doesn’t stroked nerves the actor’s second wife, Emma, as she has actually “so lot respect” for the Ghost actress.

“She welcomed me into her family members like I welcomed her into ours,” Emma shared in an additional interview v Closer in April 2019. “I have so much respect for just how Bruce and Demi worked through your divorce to have the ability to put their youngsters first. I learned so lot from that and grew so much from watching that.”

Scroll with the gallery below to see the cutest image of Bruce and also his 5 daughters!


August 2021

“How the started,” Rumer captioned a picture collage via Instagram in respect of her birthday in respectable 2021. The doting dad’s eldest child common several throwbacks the herself as a baby, consisting of one with Bruce together they snuggled on the couch together. The then-new dad looked favor a complete hunk as he posed because that the sweet snap.


June 2021

Emma post a pic of Bruce and also Mabel at a scenic lookout in June 2021. “Daddy’s girl 1000,” she captioned the pic.

March 2021

Bruce and also Emma sat on the couch with their girls as they watched the brunette beauty’s appearance on the Today display in march 2021.

June 2020

“It yes, really was a happy birthday for me,” Emma penned next to a pic of their family, i m sorry featured Bruce, Mabel, Evelyn and also Rumer. Even Demi to be there!

September 2018

Emma common a snap of Bruce, Mabel and also Evelyn throughout a hike in the woods, writing, “Friyay.”

March 2017

Bruce and also his spouse’s kiddos looked for this reason happy throughout an “epic” trip to Disney civilization in in march 2017.

April 2015

Scout to be spotted providing Bruce a large hug on the collection of Dancing v the Stars in April 2015.

March 2013

The Death Wish actor and his eldest embraced each various other in a hug if attending the premiere that G.I. Joe: Retaliation in march 2013.

October 2006

Rumer, Scout and also Tallulah posed next to their dad together he obtained a star on the Hollywood walk of fame in October 2006.

April 2004

Bruce’s three older daughters to be stars native the start! In April 2004, castle rocked the red carpet at the Whole Ten Yards movie premiere.


Bruce’s kiddos Rumer and Scout were dressed come the nines in black ensembles because that the premiere of their mom’s film Striptease in June 1996.

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