Bruce Springsteen is continuous photographed rocking the stage to hit song “Born come Run” and also “I’m on Fire,” yet nothing compares to the laugh he has on his challenge in photos through his 3 kids. The E Street tape frontman share his adult children, Evan, Jessica and also Sam, with his longtime wife, Patti Scialfa.

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Bruce and also the “As lengthy As I” songstress started their family virtually two years after they began dating in 1988. In ~ the time, the Grammy award winner was newly divorced from his first wife, Julianne Phillips, yet their romantic connection couldn’t be refuse after Patti began working as a back-up singer in she beau’s E Street Band.


In 1990, the lovebirds welcomed their first child, kid Evan. Bruce and Patti climate walked down the aisle in 1991, and also later that year, they expanded their family with the bear of their daughter, Jessica. The legend songwriter and also his stunning spouse ended up being the mom and dad of their youngest son, Sam, in 1994.

Throughout the year of his career, Bruce’s kiddos frequently attended their dad’s Hollywood events. Beside from household outings in ~ the Tony Awards and at sold-out concert on his tours, the “Dancing in the Dark” singer has likewise shown up in assistance of Evan, Jessica and Sam.


Considering his just daughter competes as a professional equestrian, Bruce and also Patti have been spotted countless times cheering her on indigenous the stands. The proud papa likewise sat front-row as his kid Sam to be sworn in together a brand-new Jersey firefighter in January 2020.

Even though the “Glory Days” rocker has actually no problems racking increase awards once it involves his music, Bruce has actually struggled through some elements of parenthood. Because he had actually a tumultuous partnership with his late dad, Douglas Springsteen, he was worried about projecting those problems onto his kids.


“There to be a many mistakes ns didn’t desire to make,” that candidly shared with CBS This Morning in October 2019. “I think the means you look at it is, like, i don’t want my youngsters to need to dig themselves the end of mine hole. Lock gonna have their own hole they got to destruction themselves the end of. So as a parent, you carry out your finest to no lay too much of your own bulls—t ~ above them.”

It looks come us choose Bruce is crushing it in ~ fatherhood!

Scroll v the gallery below to check out his cutest family photos with youngsters Evan, Jessica and also Sam.


January 2021

Patti paid tribute to the couple’s “handsome son” Sam, that turned 27 in January 2021. “What a lover young guy you are,” she gushed.


January 2020

Bruce gave his son a large hug ~ he to be sworn in together a firefighter in brand-new Jersey in January 2020.

November 2019

“Great four days … beautiful city!” Patti captioned a photograph with Bruce, Jessica and other family members members throughout a vacation in Prague in November 2019.

October 2019

Bruce and Jessica took pleasure in some high quality time “down ~ above the farm” in October 2019. “Pure happiness!” his wife captioned a pic of the father-daughter duo hugging.

February 2019

Sam strummed top top the etc while singing in the life room through his mama in February 2019.

January 2019

Patti joked Sam was “secure sufficient to sit top top his mama’s lap” together she shared a pic the the two in January 2019. “You are simply the best!” she praised.

June 2018

The Springsteens turn the 2018 Tony Awards right into a household affair as all three kiddos struggle the red carpet.

February 2018

“Puppy love,” Patti wrote beside a black and also white snap that Bruce and also Sam snuggling v their family’s pup in February 2018.

September 2017

Evan posed with the “Hungry Heart” crooner and also the “Spanish Dancer” songstress throughout a dress rehearsal in September 2017.

November 2016

Bruce and also his brood cuddled together for a cute pic while celebrate Thanksgiving job in November 2016.

November 2016. 

“So happy to have the family with us!” Patti gushed next to a pic that her household at the White home in November 2016.

May 2011

The brunette beauty, beauty smiled because that a picture with she parents while completing at the royal Windsor Horse show in might 2011.

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