It seems like Angelina Jolie and also ex-husband Brad Pitt‘s six children, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and also Knox, flourished up in the blink of one eye. Sooner or later they were infants, and also these days, all of them are teenagers and young adults! Then-and-now image of the previous couple’s children prove exactly how much they’ve transformed over the years.

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The acting duo’s first child, Maddox, is the eldest that the group, and also he’s currently started college as a college student at Yonsei college in southern Korea. When Angelina dropped her beloved child off at the school in respectable 2019, the Maleficent star couldn’t help but gain emotional about watching she kiddo leaving the nest.


“I today,” the doting mother said as she and Maddox to walk on the campus at Yonsei University, whereby he’s studying biochemistry. “I’m trying not to cry.”

At the time Maddox flew the coop to pursue his college degree, an insider called In Touch he to be “super excited about starting this brand-new journey.” despite he was looking forward to studying throughout the world in southern Korea, the source listed it wasn’t easy for the “tight-knit” family.


“There have been some tears,” the insider shared, pointing out a adjust in the dynamic now that the young male is off to college. “Maddox told his siblings the they need to listen to Pax now, i beg your pardon they all laughed at.”

While the Lara Croft: tomb Raider star had particularly hard time letting her college college student go, she so proud of the “ setting for every her children,” a separate insider exclusively told Closer in august 2019, noting though Angelina “ the terribly,” she wants Maddox “to spread his wings and also fly.”


Fortunately because that Angelina, she got some extra time v Maddox between the coronavirus pandemic. In April 2020, the Lara Croft: tomb Raider actress called Dong-A Ilbo Daily her son came home from south Korea due to COVID-19 regulations. After learning remotely for virtually a year, the Sun report in in march 2021 the Maddox was collection “to go back to southern Korea college.”

Considering Angelina is simply a few years turn off from being a total empty-nester, the Mr. And also Mrs. Smith actress is taking benefit of her time at residence with she beloved children. Though she’s withstood some challenges since her 2016 divorce indigenous the Ad Astra star, consisting of their ongoing custody battle, Angelina couldn’t be a more devoted parent come her small ones.

“Well, she a an excellent mom okay tell girlfriend that,” the star’s dad, Jon Voight, specifically gushed come Closer in February 2019. “She is very loving to the youngsters and very much there with them, always there with them back she has a liven life. She doesn’t miss any kind of opportunity to inquire into their lives and help them every action of the way. So, I’m very proud of her.”

Scroll with the gallery listed below to check out then-and-now photos of Angelina and also Brad’s kids!


Maddox Jolie-Pitt

Angelina came to be a mother when she embraced her first child indigenous Cambodia in 2002. Brad started to help raise Maddox — who was born on august 5, 2001 — as soon as he began dating the actress in 2005. These days, Maddox is quite busy as a biochemistry college student at college in southern Korea.


Zahara Jolie-Pitt

Amid speculation she was romantically connected with Brad, Angelina adopted her second child, daughter Zahara, native Ethiopia months after the small one’s date of birth on January 8, 2005. Follow to Glamour, the Fight Club alum attach Angelina on the trip to east Africa.

Considering Zahara is still just a teen, she has actually yet to leaving the colony like she older brother. Yes no doubt she has a promising future ahead, though, together an insider when told Closer the Angie’s youngsters are “bright” and also “intellectual.”

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

Angelina provided birth come the couple’s an initial biological child in Namibia on may 27, 2006. Despite Shiloh is the kiddo of among Hollywood’s most famous stars, it’s unclear if Shiloh has any type of plans to monitor in Brad and Angelina’s acting footsteps. Together the Oscar winner told Extra in 2019, call is “not important” to she kids, or “a facility of their stays in a way that’s unhealthy.”

Pax Jolie-Pitt

Years after ~ Pax’s birth on November 29, 2003, the Those who Wish Me Dead actress and Brad embraced their kid from Vietnam in 2007. The young man has grown increase so much over the years, as you have the right to tell once he makes rare windy appearances v Angelina and his siblings. In July 2021, the looked so tall as she walked beside his mother while entering a restaurant in Paris, France.

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Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

The famed exes completed their family members when Angelina offered birth to their twins, including daughter Vivienne, on July 12, 2008. Despite Vivienne continues to be out the the spotlight for the most part, she’ll step out v Angelina every now and then.

Knox Jolie-Pitt

Along with Vivienne, boy Knox came along top top July 12, 2008. Similar to his sisters and also brothers, Knox is already growing as much as be an impressive young man. He likewise looks more and more like his parents together the years walk on!