Bobby Brown is a renowned singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and also actor who began to drive the wave of an illustrious job in 1978 at the tender age of 9. The establishing member of the boy band native Roxbury, new Edition, stop the R&B team in 1985 come kick-start a solo career. The team had a string of hits in the 80s, consisting of “Candy Girl,” “Cool that Now,” and “Mr. Call Man.” Destiny clearly favored the multifaceted artist as he delighted in an equally cool career as a solo artist.

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Brown’s 1988 album, “Don’t it is in Cruel,” scored five top-ten hits, consisting of “My Prerogative” and “Every little Step,” i beg your pardon was common for a time and also even earned the the Grammy award for best Male R&B Vocal Performance. Despite the boundless success and also fame, his personal life has actually been a constant source of problem for the most part. His fans learned a lot about him ~ watching BET’s miniseries ‘The Bobby Brown Story.’ The miniseries intrigued us to know more about the star, and also here is whatever we found out!

Bobby Brown’s ahead Relationships and also Children

In 1986, Bobby Brown and also his then-girlfriend, Melika Williams, had actually their very first and just child, Landon Brown. The 2 happily ended up being teen parents together both were 17 at the time but failed to do the partnership work. By the time their child turned 2, castle mutually decided to part ways however managed to remain amicable throughout. Landon has complied with his father’s footsteps and also passionately pursued acting, singing, songwriting, and rapping. The has additionally worked as an assistant director.

Bobby then acquired romantically affiliated with Kim Ward as they had known every other due to the fact that pre-teens. They had an 11-year lengthy on-again-off-again relationship, and the former pair became parents to 2 children. Ward offered birth to your daughter, La’Princia, in 1989, and son, Bobby Jr. Brown, in 1991. Ward to be two-months pregnant v her second child when she found that Bobby got engaged to Whitney Houston. By the moment their kid was born, Bobby was already gearing as much as walk under the aisle.

Though Ward was already living with Bobby in ~ his mansion in Atlanta after offering birth come La’Princia, it did not average the 2 were together. However, he remained very certain about paying kid support to her yet only until might 2003. After the failed come pay son support because that a couple of months, Brown obtained sentenced to 90 work in jail as Ward felt compelled to take it him come court due to the mounting gaue won issues.

According to reports, after spending just one night behind bars, someone on his side managed to salary the amount the owed. However, the wasn’t the very first and last time he missed kid support payments. Year after this was resolved, Bobby Brown Jr. Was sadly uncovered dead on November 18, 2020, in ~ the period of 28. No foul play was suspected, and his attorney declared that he had actually not been emotion well for a couple of days prior to the unfortunate event took place.

Bobby Brown’s ahead Marriage and also Daughter

Bobby Brown met the Queen of Pop, Whitney Houston, in 1989, in ~ the heart Train Music Awards. She seemed to be bolting towards success in ~ the time, and he had freshly winner the “Best R&B/Urban contemporary Album of the Year – Male” award. The two obtained instantly attractive to every other and also started dating appropriate away. Castle tied the knot on July 18, 1992, and welcomed their an initial and just child, Bobbi Kristina Brown, on in march 4, 1993. While that looked all hunky-dory ~ above the outside, the sadly was not the case.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" loading="lazy" class="size-full wp-image-350375" src="" alt="" width="1024" height="676" srcset=" 1024w,,132 200w,,198 300w,,507 768w,,244 370w,,178 270w,,376 570w,,489 740w" sizes="(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px" />Being Bobby Brown/BravoBobby and Houston had actually a tumultuous marriage, come say the least, and this ended up being a piece of public knowledge after they appeared in the 2005 Bravo collection ‘Being Bobby Brown.’ Their drug abuse and also domestic problems ultimately wrecked the marriage beyond repair, and also they gained divorced in 2007. On February 11, 2012, Houston accidentally drowned in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel the night before the 2012 Grammy Awards. The coroner proclaimed heart an illness and cocaine as the contributing factors for the 48-year-old international superstar’s demise.

Another tragedy win Bobby as soon as his daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was reportedly found confront down in a bath tub in she Roswell, Georgia home. The situations were hauntingly comparable to that of his ex-wife’s death. Being unresponsive, she was placed in a medically-induced coma due to significant mind damage. After being in hospice treatment for practically six months, Bobbi to be pronounced dead ~ above July 26, 2015. Though the cause of fatality remained lobar pneumonia, one autopsy discovered morphine, cocaine, alcohol, and also prescription medicine in her body. She sadly passed far at the period of just 22.

Bobby Brown’s Wife and Children

Bobby Brown has been through plenty of heart-breaking events yet managed to come out more powerful than before. One person who has been his consistent source of toughness is his manager, Alicia Etheredge. During a candid conversation with accessibility Hollywood, the R&B superstar elaborated on exactly how they overcome paths, “We met numerous years ago, numerous years ago. I think I was around 18, and we were at a run place, where world just go and work out their new moves … i met her there, and also we ended up being friends. Us all hung out.”

Alicia remained in attendance the the nuptials the his first marriage, and also a year after ~ his divorce, ended up being an integral part of his team after signing on as his manager. She is one of the major reasons why Bobby’s decreasing career as a singer climbed back, making that an in-demand touring artist. The pair remained an excellent friends v the countless ups and also downs that life, and after his partnership with Whitney walk downhill, sparks flew between them.

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Bobby and also Alicia dated for almost two years before welcoming your son, Cassius, in 2009. The popped the question to she in may 2010 if performing at the Funk Fest in Jacksonville, Florida. The duo relished a stable and happy courtship for a pair of years before sharing their wedding vow on June 18, 2012, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Bobby and also Alicia ended up being parents to their very first daughter, Bodhi Jameson Rein Brown, top top July 9, 2015, and welcomed their 2nd daughter, Hendrix Estelle Sheba Brown, on July 21, 2016.