Blake Shelton and also Gwen Stefani have actually tied the knot, laying to rest years of rumors neighboring their romance. Yet for plenty of fans, the wedding simply method it’s time to put every one of their emphasis toward hints of a feasible pregnancy.

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Will Shelton and also Stefani have actually a baby girl currently that they room husband and wife?


Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton | Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo bank via Getty Images

Blake Shelton married Gwen Stefani end the July fourth holiday weekend

After 6 years of dating, Shelton and also Stefani obtained married during the July 4th holiday weekend in an intimate ceremony in ~ his Oklahoma ranch. The guest list featured 40 the the couple’s the next friends and family members. Including the 3 sons that Stefani shares with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale — Kingston, 15, Zuma 13, and Apollo, 7.

The wedding comes after rumors followed the couple for year claiming they had actually tied the knot in secret. The Let Me Reintroduce Myself singer wore a practice Vera Wang gown with a veil that had the names “Blake, Gwen, Kingston, Zuma, and also Apollo” embroidered on the bottom.

‘The Voice’ coaches met on collection at the perfect time

As fans know, Stefani and Shelton met top top the collection of The Voice earlier in 2014 once they to be both married to various other people. But by the summer the 2015, Shelton’s four-year marriage to Miranda Lambert had concerned an abrupt end. At the very same time, Stefani’s 13-year union v Rossdale finished after she caught him having an affair with the nanny.

Going v such heartbreak in ~ the exact same time sparked a friendship in between the two, and it quickly occurred into miscellaneous more.

“Gwen saved my life. That else ~ above earth might understand going through a high-profile divorce from one more musician? girlfriend can’t also imagine the similarities in ours divorces,” Shelton said Billboard in 2016.

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Will Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani welcome a infant girl?

During Stefani and Shelton’s six-year relationship, the baby rumors have actually been just as usual as the wedding rumors. Shelton doesn’t have any kind of kids the his own and Stefani has actually three sons with Rossdale. This instance prompted the popular insurance claim that the pair wanted to have actually a baby girl of your own.