Arnold Schwarzenegger has five children: 4 indigenous his vault marriage and also 1 indigenous an affair. Here"s much more on Mr. Universe"s kids.

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Who room Arnold Schwarzenegger's Kids?
Arnold Schwarzenegger has done that all, native winning the Mr. Universe title at age 20, becoming one that the world"s biggest activity movie starts, even settling on a career in politics as the governor of California in 2003. He to be married to Maria Shriver that is one American reporter and is the niece of President man F. Kennedy, additionally cousin come JFK Jr.

Arnold has constantly been in the spotlight but came under scrutiny after a damaging family betrayal that involved light in 2011, when it was made widely recognized by the Los Angeles Times that Arnold had actually a son with the family"s live-in housekeeper.

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While much of Arnold and Maria"s life has actually been an open up book, their children have fairly low-key lives, although numerous are renowned in their own right. So, just how much execute you know about Arnold Schwarzenegger"s kids? girlfriend may understand more than friend think.

Katherine Schwarzenegger, Arnold"s first Child

Katherine is the eldest daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and also Maria Shriver. She is one author on the New York Times" ideal seller list. Katherine devotes much of she time to animal advocacy, working v ASPCA and ideal Friends animal Society.

In 2019, Katherine married actor chris Pratt who has starred in several TV shows and also movies, consisting of the starring role as Starlord in Guardians that the Galaxy and also The Avengers. They have actually a baby girl together, Lyla Marie, born in august of 2020. Lyla is the very first grandchild come both Arnold and Maria.

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Christina Schwarzenegger, Arnold"s Youngest Daughter & second Child

The 2nd eldest kid of Arnold and also Maria, Christina, is an American producer and also the assistant editor of Goop, the agency founded and owned by Gwyneth Paltrow. She attended the Georgetown university of Washington.

Christina ended up being addicted to Adderall, a medication used for ADHD, and also struggled for about 7 months when she do the selection to come turn off of the medication, saying it stunted her artistic side which just blossomed again when she was complimentary of the addiction. Her struggles with this seeks led her to do the Netflix documentary, Take your Pills.

Patrick Schwarzenegger, Arnold"s earliest Son

The eldest kid of Schwarzenegger, Patrick is an American model and also actor. That has been in movies such as, Daniel Isn"t Real, Midnight Sun, and Echo Boomers. Although his passion lies through acting, he graduated from USC in 2016 through a degree in business.

He"s had ambitions to it is in an gibbs from a young age, landing his first role at age 10 in a movie dubbed The Benchwarmers. He provided to practice acting v his father when he to be younger. At age 15, he began his own clothing line, and also at 21, the franchised his own Blaze Pizza and has due to the fact that opened an ext locations.

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Christopher Schwarzenegger, Arnold & Maria"s Youngest Son

Christopher is the youngest child of Arnold and also Maria, and is the most unknown member the the Schwarzenegger family. He is very private and keeps the end of the spotlight, so not too much is known about him. He proved some interest in lifting weights in his teens, yet decided that wasn"t his thing. He dabbled v the believed of acting, yet there room no prompt ambitions to monitor in his famous father"s footsteps. Christopher is attending the college of Michigan for his bachelor studies.

Joseph Baena, Arnold"s Youngest boy From one Affair

Joseph is Arnold"s youngest son that that fathered through his previous housekeeper, Mildred Baena, if he to be still married to Maria Shriver. The birth of Christopher, the youngest that the Schwarzenegger children happened just 5 days previously than the birth of Joseph.