Alan and Lisa Robertson, members the America’s favorite earlier woods family and the Duck command Clan, take it on the topic of relationship as castle share the tricks that conserved their marriage.

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Infidelity, deceit, distrust, and also shame. Unfortunately, these room recurring themes in plenty of of today’s marital relationships in America—even in the family-values-promoting, Christian-based Robertson family. Through a romance that began in small high, the pair got off to a rocky start yet soon worked out into married life and had two baby girls. Al became a pastor in the church wherein his family members had been members for years. Then, as soon as Lisa had actually an affair, the heartache and also the anxiety was an extremely public. Their candid story is one of rescued love and renewed commitment. After virtually getting divorced, Al and Lisa pertained to terms through what went wrong in their marriage and both started the difficult work of making it right.

Now, married for over thirty years, castle openly share their hardships—including sexual abuse, alcohol abuse, and abortion as they counsel couples in trouble and also speak across the country at churches, marital relationship retreats, pregnancy centers, plenty of other events. Al and Lisa live in West Monroe, Louisiana v the remainder of the Duck command family. They have actually 2 beautiful daughters, who room both married and have 6 grandchildren.


Alan Robertson is the earliest son the Phil and Miss Kay Robertson. He helped start the household business, Duck Commander and also left over there in the so late ‘80’s to offer as a minister for 22 year at the White’s Ferry roadway Church in West Monroe, LA. He went back to Duck commander in 2012 to begin showing up on the Robertson’s TV show, Duck dynasty on A&E, i m sorry just ended after 11 Seasons and also 131 episodes. He has authored and co-authored 5 books and also speaks approximately the country around the factors behind the success that the show and also Robertson worths of faith, family members & ducks. Alan & miss Kay opened miss out on Kay’s Sweets and also Eats in West Monroe in 2016.

Alan and his wife, Lisa, have actually been married for over 32 years and also have 2 married daughters and six grandchildren. They live ~ above the same street as Alan’s “hairy” brothers and their family members in West Monroe, LA. They have actually co-authored 2 books, A brand-new Season around their life and also marriage and also The Duck commander Devotional for Couples and also they travel together anywhere America sharing their story of brokenness, restoration and also healing in their marriage. They are right now speaking together approximately the country and writing their third book around desperate forgiveness.


Lisa Robertson is the first Robertson daughter-in-law—married to Alan Robertson—the earliest son of Phil and Kay Robertson. Lisa to be instructed in the ways of the kitchen by miss out on Kay and also continues to aid Miss Kay v her liven schedule. Lisa co-authored, The females of Duck Commander, through her sisters-in-law and also Miss Kay, exit in April, 2014.

Lisa speak at pregnant centers and also Pro-Life occasions all over the country. Lisa has a an effective life change story that effects the stays of those she meets. She & Al know very first hand the damaging effects sin has actually on lives. She and also Al have a book that released in 2015 titled A new Season that talks about their lives and marriage and also the difficulties that couples have the right to face. She and also Al exit Duck commander Devotional for Couples in February that 2016. Castle are right now working on a brand-new book through a functioning title the Desperate Forgiveness.

When Lisa is residence in West Monroe, she loves security time through her 6 grandchildren and helping to take treatment of them and going ~ above as numerous trips through them as possible each year.

Al and Lisa dated on and also off throughout their high college years, marrying ~ above Nov. 9, 1984 — when they to be both still teenagers. It was the summer that 1989 when Al and Lisa proficient what they now refer to together “dodging a bullet.” Lisa had come to be emotionally connected in an inappropriate relationship with a guy she met through work. She clarifies that the relationship was never ever sexual, although the did become romantic.

In their book, Al acknowledges giving forgiveness come the man connected because he had actually apologized to Al through humility and courage. Al to write that since Lisa, too, feeling terrible and was important sorry, the forgave her. Yet he additionally admits the he make the wrong of threatening his mam by saying: “If you ever before do anything choose this again, I will divorce you!” he writes, “In the wake up of the infidelity, everything we did for the next several months, us did wrong. We wanted to reconcile, yet we really did not recognize how. … Every time us had any kind that argument, I managed to carry up Lisa’s extramarital relationship and used it against her.” reportedly reconciliation would require much more than just staying together.

Although Al and Lisa both agree that throughout the following several years they controlled to “function well,” they also admit to having taken treatment of their family and also their ministry, however not their marriage. Much less than a te later, the Robertsons when again uncovered themselves handling the issue of unfaithfulness.

Lisa had been contacted at work-related by one old boyfriend. Fourteen month later, she was recorded up in a full-blown affair. It was the summer the 1999 as soon as Al became suspicious that Lisa might be seeing someone, and also despite her denial and also deceit, he finally used cabinet phone documents to item together the truth. This time the aftermath would it is in greater and the occupational they would execute to rebuild their connection would be intense.

During this season in your marriage, Al and also Lisa opted for a momentary separation and also committed to working v a experienced counselor. Their efforts paid off once they commemorated a exclusive vow-renewal awareness in December the that same year. Al and also Lisa clarify in your book: “At this writing, we have actually 30 year of marriage and practically 50 years of life under ours belts. Among the hallmarks of our lives and our connection is reconciliation. Just put, reconciliation is the idea that things and people the are damaged can it is in put back together.” and also that’s why castle encourage couples managing the shock the an work to take into consideration the opportunity of recovery.

Although a wounded husband and also wife eventually have to it is in the ones to do the decision to remain together, Al and Lisa endeavor to accumulate couples towards that decision by stating the marital determinants that frequently lead to affairs.

“You didn’t begin out standing in prior of a preacher making your vows and also imagining you’d be sitting on this couch talk to united state today,” Al explains to couples. “So let’s talk around how this come about. We’re looking in ~ what’s wrong to get us come this place.”

Understanding that not every marriage can survive, Al and also Lisa encourage husbands and wives come look ahead by considering what their post-divorce family can look like five years down the road. For couples through children, Al and Lisa talk about them because they think kids don’t deserve to it is in in this location of brokenness. “They were born into this civilization deserving because that you guys to gain it right,” Al obstacles the parents. He states that this kind of focus often resonates with couples in crisis.

Al and also Lisa acknowledge that it’s hard to move past the pains a couple feels in the moment of betrayal and discovery. But their suffer has also taught lock that picking to remain together and work top top reconciliation is finest for anyone involved. “We now have older kids, and our daughter has actually told us numerous times the she wants a marital relationship like ours,” Lisa says. “She’s not talking around wanting to go with all the poor things that us went through, she’s talking about wanting the connection that we have actually . That would certainly not have been possible had we no stuck the out and also worked v our problems.”

Al and Lisa think that couples should do the difficult work after ~ an to work — every little thing that looks like. Regardless of the details of a couple’s story, the Robertsons are encouraged that part of the tough work because that every couple will eventually be the choice to forgive. Too frequently Al and Lisa have seen unforgiveness leave a spouse dealing with bitterness, resentment and also anger that has the potential to do him or she a bitter person. Lisa doesn’t hesitate come clarify that as believers we must think about forgiveness “because God tells united state that we must forgive.” She points out that God has actually not given us a definitive timeline concerning forgiveness, however if God tells united state to execute something, then she’s persuaded it must average He’s provided us the capacity to carry out it. Knowledge that a wounded spouse might feel the cheating spouse doesn’t deserve forgiveness, Lisa comments, “When God tells us to forgive, he doesn’t tell us to forgive for the various other person. That tells us to pardon for ourselves due to the fact that it release within us the victim mentality and also the hurt.”

Where walk Y’all Meet? in ~ the McDonald’s parking lot of in West Monroe, which to be a famous teen hangout ago in the ’70’s-’80’s. He to be 17 and also a senior, she was 15 and also a sophomore.

When go You gain Married? In 1984, lock lived through Al’s grandparents because that the an initial six months whereby they were serenaded every night come dueling snoring through Granny and also Pa.

Where Did girlfriend Live? A two room camp home next come Phil and also Kay with only an outhouse out back for a bathroom.

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What did Y’all carry out For Fun? Al and Lisa started a church volleyball league, were affiliated in bowling league and also they additionally organized and oversaw an annual church golf tournament referred to as “The Wormburner” that ran because that 10 years and raised about $100,000 for different church projects and missions.