One that Hollywood’s most enduring marriages is that of will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. The Fresh Prince icon and the petite actress very first started date in 1995 and also tied the node in 1997. Because then, they’ve become the ultimate power couple, supporting each various other in every page of the other’s career. Their household life is the topic of consistent scrutiny, together they share three kids (two of their own and also one from will certainly Smith’s vault relationship) who have all made names because that themselves. Here’s a synopsis of the famed Smith children and how castle are finest known.

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Will Smith’s earliest son

Before will Smith and also Jada Pinkett Smith obtained together, he was married come Sheree Zampino. Smith and Zampino acquired married in 1992, simply as Smith to be enjoying his climb to fame, and their boy Willard Carroll “Trey” blacksmith III was born the very same year. Their partnership was rocky, and also the pair divorce in 1995. Smith has actually been open about how his partnership with Trey was sometimes daunting as a result of the divorce yet shares a close friendship v his oldest child these days.

Trey blacksmith is a music producer and uses the surname AcE nation for much of his work. Unlike his well known father and half-siblings, the hasn’t shared lot interest in acting, despite he has actually made little appearances in assorted sitcoms and also music videos, but remains specialized to his music, which deserve to be discovered on his SoundCloud page.

Jaden Smith


Jaden blacksmith | Dia Dipasupil/Getty images For to chat Weekly

Will and also Jada Pinkett Smith’s first child together was born in 1998. Jaden Christopher Syre Smith an initial started obtaining noticed together an actor, play his father’s movie kid in the films The search of Happyness and also After Earth. He additionally scored a starring role in the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid. Jaden Smith ultimately turned his focus to music and also has become well known as a rapper and songwriter.

The young star is no stranger to conflict – in 2016, Jaden appeared in a fashion project modeling women’s clothing, including a flowy skirt, come combat bullying. Jaden’s society media account is also quite active, and he lends his support to a wide variety of causes, including tweeting in support of non-traditional education.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s just daughter

Willow Camille power Smith was born in October 2000 and also is the just daughter the Will and also Jada Pinkett Smith. Favor her older brother Jaden Smith, willow showed very early interest in acting and also co-starred through her father in the 2007 movie I am Legend. Willow began her rise to fame in 2010, with the relax of her popular single ‘Whip mine Hair.’ The song ended up being a substantial hit v preteens, and went ~ above to chart at number 11 ~ above the Billboard hot 100.

Willow smith has since focused entirely on she music, and released she album ARDIPITHECUS in December 2015. Two years later, in October 2017, she exit her 2nd studio album, The 1st. The album to be well-received both through critics and audiences, who compared Willow’s sound to standard R&B artists. Currently, the 18-year old is reported to be functioning on brand-new music.

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The Smith family struggles


Will Smith and also Jada Pinkett blacksmith | Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez/AFP/Getty Images

The Smiths have actually been open around their trials and tribulations as a family, including discussing times as soon as they believed that they to be on the brink of dividing up. However, after much more than twenty years of marriage, the is clean that will Smith and also Jada Pinkett Smith room committed to every other and also their talented, inspirational children. No matter what comes following for Trey, Jaden, and Willow Smith, they understand that they always have a hard support mechanism to fall back on in their famous parents.