Tina Turner is one icon, yet even if you recognize every word come "We Don"t Need one more Hero" you could not understand as lot as friend think about her personal life, especially when it pertains to her four kids. 

Turner is well-known as much for her music together she is for she famously troubled marriage to Ike Turner. But way before all of the success and also scandal and also comebacks, Turner was a mom an initial and foremost. She had her very first kid at 18 years old with Raymond Hill, a saxophonist for the band kings of Rhythm, per Closer Weekly. She and Ike climate went on come share three various other children.

Her youngsters didn"t have straightforward childhood, offered her marriage to Ike, together Turner outlined in a 2005 interview through Oprah Winfrey. She stated that her kids were "old enough" to understand that their parents were in a physically and also verbally abusive relationship and when she lastly left Ike, she left lock behind thinking that she needed to take treatment of herself very first and climate take treatment of them. "The housekeeper was there. Ns made certain they would be all right. But before you deserve to really aid them, you need to strengthen yourself. You"re the priority," the demonstrate divulged. So who space her children and also where space they now? 

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Tina Turner offered birth to her eldest son, Craig, in 1958, v Raymond Hill. When she and also Ike Turner married, Ike adopted Craig as his own son, making castle one, big official family. Together an adult, Craig functioned as a genuine estate agent, per Closer Weekly

Unfortunately, in 2018, Craig passed away by suicide. Turner scattered his ashes through her family members off the coastline of California. She mutual a photo of the minute on Twitter, writing, "He was fifty-nine once he died so tragically, but he will always be mine baby." 

The singer once said in an interview v Oprah that Craig had been an emotional child and had also once knocked top top the door while she and also Ike to be "fighting" to check out if she required help. Turner said, "He"d constantly look down in sadness. One day once Ike to be fighting me, Craig knocked top top the door and said, "Mother, space you all right?" ns thought, "Oh, please, don"t win me at home." i didn"t desire my children to hear."

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After Tina Turner married Ike in 1962, and they had one son, Ronnie, with each other in 1960. They also adopted each other"s previous children. Ike adopted Craig together his own, and also Tina embraced his young boy Ike Jr. (born in 1968) and Michael (born in 1959) together her own. Number of of the young have complied with in Tina"s career footsteps.

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Ike Jr. Gone after a music career, yet in 2018, that alleged come the Daily Mail that his mother had actually "abandoned" her family to go live through her brand-new husband, Erwin Bach, in Switzerland due to the fact that 1994. He said that that hasn"t speak to his mom since 2000, though she apparently supports lock financially. Tina didn"t respond come the allegations.

As because that Michael, Ike Jr. Added: "Michael is in a convalescent residence in southern California and needs medical support. I"ve been to view him fairly a few times. He"s law great."

Ike Jr. Additionally claimed that he and Ronnie speak frequently. Ronnie actually appeared in Tina"s "What"s Love got To carry out With It" video clip in 1993, every Distractify. He is married to Afida Turner, a French singer, and also he likewise pursued music and also acting. 

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