"Women talk around that feeling of like, "Oh, I"m done." I"ve never really acquired that," Robyn Brown speak husband Kody Brown, who has a linked 18 kids with his four wives

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In audioeditorfree.com's exclusive sneak peek at Sunday's episode of Sister Wives, the household patriarch has actually a sit-down chat through wife Robyn about the possibility of having an ext children.

"What she's doing is, 'You gotta decision if you desire to have more kids,'" Kody, 52, says about Robyn in a confessional.

Sitting outside with the mother of five, Kody admits: "I'm recorded in a conundrum, completely. You know, this is what I've always done, this is what I've constantly been. I've constantly been fathering and also having one-of-a-kind experiences with small audioeditorfree.com 'cause they're just sweet."

With his four plural wives — Robyn, Christine, Janelle and Meri — Kody has actually a an unified 18 youngsters ranging in ages from 26 to 4 years old. Kody's youngest son is 4-year-old daughter Ariella, who he shares v Robyn. The pair is also parents to young child Solomon and Robyn's 3 eldest youngsters — Dayton, Aurora and Breanna — native her very first marriage.

"I'm pretty sure that I've been having children for 26 years. There's this actual joy about having a little one," claims Kody.

But while elevating young daughter Ariella has actually been "just a exorbitant experience," Kody isn't certain if he's ready for more. "But in ~ the very same time, I'm captured in this conflict because Ari's to be weened for a year and she's still keeping us up at night," he explains to Robyn.



"It started to get far better once she to be weened and also stuff," Robyn states to Kody, who disagrees. "No, it's no better," he speak her.

In a confessional, Robyn defines that her small girl "is a night owl. She doesn't like to go to bed. And she's active through the night."

"She's a night owl. I'm literally having actually a hard time maintaining my head indigenous wobbling," Kody speak viewers. "Ariella's jumping on the couch do the efforts to uncover out exactly how high she can go. If i looked in the mirror, i would just see this guy that looks prefer bloodshot eyes, hair's simply frazzled. 'Can you simply go come sleep?'"

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"It's mental exhaustion," Kody continues. "You're suggesting with a 4-year-old who has actually the native of a 10-year-old and also the reasonable of an idiot."