The mini Mannings! Eli Manning and Peyton Manning have actually seven children between them and also keep the tiny ones’ resides pretty private.

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The former professional football players both came to be fathers in the same month. Eli and his wife, Abby McGrew, invited daughter Ava on in march 21, 2011, while Peyton and his mam Ashley Thompson’s twins, Marshal and Mosley, to be born 10 days later.

After Ava’s arrival, Eli and also his college sweetheart offered their infant girl three younger brother — Lucy, Caroline and Charlie, born in 2014, 2015 and 2019, respectively.

The retirement athletes have actually remained “very close” when bringing up their broods.

“When we talk every week, we constantly talk about our kids,” Eli said Parents magazine in 2014. “We also talk about the activities the kids are act or what brand-new walker or toy we got them. We exchange advice and also talk around what cartoons, food, snacks or treats that the youngsters like.”

The Manning: A Father, His Sons and also a soccer Legacy author included at the moment that that “definitely” goes to dad Archie Manning for advice.

“He is for this reason helpful and is great with Ava,” the two-time Super key winner said the magazine. “He constantly has the right answers come the many questions i throw in ~ him.”

The former brand-new York Giants player, for his part, gave his youngsters a sweet shoutout as soon as he retired from the NFL in January 2020. “I don’t think I have to make windy comments for my family members to know just how I think about them, but Abby, and also to Ava and Lucy and Caroline and also Charlie, you are my rock,” Eli claimed in his speech. ” look front to a small downtime. Ns look front to a small time through my family.”

Peyton retired 4 years ahead of his younger brother, likewise thanking his family members members if emotionally signing off.

“There is no method to measure up or appropriately express what a family like mine deserve to mean,” the former Denver Broncos player stated in 2016. “Mom, Dad, Cooper, Eli, expanded family, you space the best. Ashley, your assistance is together potent a motivation as any man can have. Ashley’s and my kids, Marshall and also Mosley, have only been about for a couple of years yet they have adjusted my life forever. … I’m totally convinced that the end of mine football job is simply the start of something i haven’t even discovered yet. Life is not shrinking for me, the morphing into a whole brand-new world of possibilities.”

Keep scrolling to see the Louisiana natives’ sweet moments through their youngsters over the years, from football gamings to baseball outings.

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