Actor boy name Lawrence has controlled to raise three beautiful daughters through decent values despite the pressure of Hollywood.

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Martin Lawrence has done well because that himself together an actor with blockbusters choose “Big Momma,” “Blue Streak,” and also the “Bad Boys” sequel. However, the actor’s most far-reaching achievement continues to be to it is in a doting father to three wonderful daughters native two various women; Jasmine Page, Iyanna Faith, and also Amara Trinity.

Despite living most of his life in the spotlight, Lawrence has managed to advanced his daughters with impeccable values, to do them trustworthy members that society.

Martin Lawrence in ~ the “Bad boys For Life” photocall at Terrasse Du café de l’Homme ~ above January 06, 2020 in Paris, France. | photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images


24-year-old Jasmine Lawrence is Martin’s an initial child and also daughter. The actor invited Jasmine v his ex-wife Patricia Southall. Lawrence and also the miss out on Virginia USA winner tied the node in 1995, but their marital relationship only lasted 2 years as they split in 1997.

Although she doesn’t have her father’s exhilaration bug, page is has actually a solid social media following. Her Instagram page, where she share lovely modeling photos, boasts the 123,000 followers. She also makes sure to tag along with her dad to special events.

The duke University graduate is a an excellent friend with her father’s “Bad Boys” co-star will certainly Smith’s eldest kid Trey Smith.

Martin Lawrence and his daughter Jasmine Paige in ~ the grand opening of Roberta Moradfar’s Efface Aesthetics in ~ Efface through Roberta top top December 12, 2019 | photograph by distinctive Nicole/Getty Images


Iyanna Faith, 19, who Lawrence had with his 2nd wife, Shamicka Gibbs, is his second daughter. Unlike her father, Iyanna resides a really private life with small or no society media presence.

However, she appears from time come time on she sister, mother, and father’s Instagram page. Critical year, news of her admission to buy it Lawrence College that went famous on Instagram page.

Big sisters Jasmine shared the good news on Instagram calling Iyanna, “beautiful, kind-hearted, passionate, resilient, tenacious,” and also congratulating her on she acceptance. 

Jasmine page Lawrence, martin Lawrence, Roberta Moradfar, Amara Trinity and Iyanna faith attend the people Premiere that “Bad boys for Life” in ~ TCL Chinese Theatre on January 14, 2020 | photograph by Jemal Countess/FilmMagic

Her mother, Shamicka, also shared a picture of her and also Lawrence help the teens move into her dorm room. Before her resumption, Gibbs revealed that Iyanna chose the college and also is majoring in an innovative writing.


Amara Trinity, born on respectable 20, 2002, is the youngest of every one of the actor’s girls. He welcomed her throughout his two-year marriage to Shamicka.

As a beautiful young girl just beginning her adult life, Amara has actually no existence on society media, but her doting parents never ever fail to worship her accomplishments publicly. This to be the situation when they commemorated her going off to her high school prom in might 2019. 

Martin Lawrence in ~ the premiere of global Pictures’ ‘Ride Along’ in ~ TCL Chinese Theatre top top January 13, 2014 in Hollywood, California. | photograph by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images


Although all three girls have a dad as famous as Martin, the “Big Momma” star has controlled to keep them base in values simply as humility and also gratitude. Like his personality in the American crime comedy command by man Whitesell, the does well to technique his kids when necessary. During an interview with Metro, he explained:

“I do them aware of exactly how lucky castle are…every now and then I provide them something for their wallet if they do something they’re claimed to. If lock don’t carry out what they’re supposed to i take something far from them”.

Martin Lawrence at the VH1 hip Hop Honors: The 90s game Changers in ~ Paramount Studios top top September 17, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. | photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images


Martin’s Fitzgerald Lawrence to be born April 16, 1965, in Frankfurt, West Germany, to black color American parents.

His parents divorced once he to be eight year old, and his father, who served in the military, exit them. During his teen years, Lawrence excelled at boxing. Gift a Mid-Atlantic gold Gloves boxing contender, the seriously considered a skilled career till he suffered an accident that triggered him to reconsider.

Martin Lawrence on set of “Un Nuevo Día” throughout Miami press Day for the movie “Bad boys For Life” ~ above January 13, 2020, in Miami, Florida. | photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty pictures for Sony pictures Entertainment

In his beforehand days, that did comedy mirrors in Washington, D.C., and fended for himself through odd jobs. He later on moved to California, wherein he had the ability to snag a clues in the television show, “What’s keep going Now.” His illustration on the display paved the way for his large break together the hold of HBO’S Def Comedy Jam.

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After one impeccable career, Lawrence climate moved into acting with the debut that his show, “Martin.” His various other acting credits include “Wild Hogs,” “Death in ~ a Funeral,” national Security,” among others.