Kirk Frost has seven kids. Kannon Mekhi is Kirk’s kid with Jasmine Washington. Kirk has 2 children with his soon-to-be ex-wife Rasheeda: Ky and also Karter. The Love and also Hip Hop Atlanta star has 2 daughters indigenous a ahead relationship: Kelsie and Cherry. Kirk likewise has two more sons from previous relationships.

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Kelsie Frost
Kelsie is Kirk’s daughter indigenous a previous relationship. A few years ago, there was a vicious rumor about Kirk having actually sex through her however it to be a lie.

Ky is Kirk and also Rasheeda’s earliest son. He was born on October 4, 2000. Hopefully he’s staying solid despite his father’s mistakes.

Rasheeda calls Kirk the end On Instagram

Kirk was on Instagram posting pictures while Ky to be trying to contact him. ~ above a positive note, Rasheeda’s article worked. A couple of days later, Kirk posted pictures on IG that verified him spending an important father-son time v Ky.

Karter is Kirk and also Rasheeda’s youngest son. He was born on august 21, 2013. Season 2 of #LHHATL proved Kirk cheating top top Rasheeda while she was pregnant v Karter. It every went down as soon as Kirk attend a party with Benzino.
Kannon Frost Jasmine Washington

Kannon is Kirk’s love child. His mom is Jasmine Washington. He was born in 2016. Jasmine met Kirk if she was working as a stripper. In previous seasons, we rarely saw Rasheeda and Mimi Faust’s storylines overlap. That will change this season. Jasmine is right now dating Mimi’s ex-boyfriend, Rodney Bullock.

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Kirk loves the letter K. In 2015, Kelsie made Kirk a grandfather. She provided birth come an adorable baby boy. Kirk is practically 50 and also he’s still making babies.

The image below shows the critical time we saw Kirk on Rasheeda’s Instagram page. There’s nothing favor spending quality time with your kids. Kirk make a severe mistake by having actually a baby on Rasheeda. He need to stop do the efforts to get Rasheeda earlier and emphasis on gift a great father:

How Many children Does Kirk Frost Have?

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